Wednesday, December 26, 2007

First day in Thailand

Ok... First time ever i set foot on Thailand soil. Apparently their time is 1 hour later so by going to Thailand, I've earned another hour :D YES!!!

The host for this year's Worlds Debating Championship is Assumption University. N OMFG !!! Their u is so kick ass. The drive from the gate to the main campus takes bout 15 minutes. The architecture here is so heavily influenced by the Missionaries though Thailand is suppose to be a Buddhist country... There are statues of angels and even a Statue of Pope John Paul II in front of the campus museum. It's hard to imagine sth like this in a CUNTry like Malaysia. Sigh...

Their hostel are oso quite nice. As good as a standard 3 star hotel i think :D. Sadly first day dun have any luck with the chicks. :( Hopefully tomolo would be a better day !!!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Scary 50 tag by evelyn...

Wah!! Siao ar??!! 50 questions... No objectives somemore... Ngaiti... Tagged by evelyn so I guess regardless of how reluctant i am i have to answer o 50 questions lar -.-" Pls eve, next time if it's more than 10 questions, spare me from yr tag.

1. What were you doing last midnight?
Killing monsters... Whacking assassins in NWN 2. So hooked onto this game at d moment.

2. What color of shirt are you wearing right now?

4. Do you have a thing for anyone on your Top 8?
Top 8 ppl i hate the most??? Yupe have a grudge towards em.

5.How many people in your Friendster do you know in real life?
Do i need to give exact numbers?? Come on... Well there are a few ppl who i don't know in real life...

6. What are your nicknames?
Little Nicky - sth i like to use after watching little Nicky
Abarai13 - Nickname i'd use in games

5. Do you have a pet?
Used to have tamagochi and Digimon as pets... LOL... It's o electronic pets... Never had a real one...

8. What are your parents' middle names? -
::they aint got one..

9. Most recent movie watched?
National Treasure 2 - The book of secrets, starring Nicholas Cage... Same initials so i need to go show my support.

10. Name 3 things that you have ON you at all times.
Wallet, cellphone and keys

11. Give or receive a foot massage?

12.Teacher you had the hots for.
Don't remember any teacher dat hot dat i'd hots for her.

13. How much cash do you have right now?
Good ol' "Pokai lo!!!"

14. 4th person in your received calls list?
Bau home...

15. What's your phone ring tone?
To Zanarkland

17. What were you doing at midnight two nights ago?
Watched National Treasure

18. How many people on your friends list are ex's? -
::lol none

19. What is your favorite part of the chicken?
The chicken breast??? Meaty... :P *yummy*

20. What's your favorite city?
Haven been to enough cities for me to make such a comparison.

21. Whats your favorite color?
Red - the colour of the patron planet for Aries,Mars :)

22. I can't wait to...?
Go to the Worlds Debate Comp in 2 days time and check out d hot chicks :D

23. When was the last time you saw your mom?
30 minutes ago when i go drink coffee in d kitchen???

24. What's the best insult you've ever heard or said?
Think with yr head, not yr other head. So if u dunno what it means,this only works on guys *winks*

27. How long have you been at your current job?
Well technically i'm still on the search for jobs.

28. Is Tom on your friends list?
Tom who??? Tim is in my friend list though

29. What's the last thing you said out loud?
What??? I can't hear you!!!

31. What is the last thing/person you spent over $100 on?
My external HDD

32. Who's your favorite villain?
Darth Vader - I've his lust for power... His dilemma between being a good person and a bad @$$
33. Whats the last piece of clothing you borrowed from someone?
A belt

34. I really wish I drove a...?
Time machine in Back to the Future. That car is still kick @$$ cool...

35. What website(s) do you visit the most during the day?
The star, Friendster, Chinese cari, Lim Kit Siang's blog, Malaysia Today

36. Last text message in your phone?
It's in mandarin so i'm lazy to type it out

37. Do you have an air freshener in your car?
No car no air freshener

38. Do you have plants in your room?
Fungus, mushrooms??? If those are plants then i think i do.

39. If you could drink anything right this second, what would it be?

40. Last piece of e-mail opened?
An e-mail from a friend trading insults with me.

41. Does anything hurt on your body right now?
Bloody pimple on my nose. Think i've been naughty so Santa wanna make me Rudolph and ride me. Sounds gay huh?

42. What city was your last taxi cab ride in?
Kuching. Can't remember y i took d cab though.

43. Last alcoholic drink?
Chivas + Sprite

44. If someone you hated died, would you laugh and spit on their grave?
Nope. I ain't that nasty. I'll just add some dog poop into the soil which they are gonna scatter on top of the coffin and train my dog (i'll get one just for this occasion) to use the grave as a toilet.

45. Do you own a picture phone?
yeah in a way...

46. What's your bf/gf, or most recent ex birthday?

47. What's your favorite Starbucks drink?
The only drink i order from Starfucks or coffee bean

48. Do you exercise as much as you should?
Eve quit Taekwondo for 5 months. Me?? More than a year. I only remember some kick to d crotch.

49. Did you do the deed on prom night?

50. Would you give your bf/gf a second chance if they cheated on you?
Do unto others as you wish done upon you. I wish for second chance if i ever got caught cheating so i think i would do just the same LOL

51. Where were you last year for Christmas?

52. If I don't like you?
I'll cry ???

53. Recent time you were really upset?
Such days when the days are gloomy and the festive seasons are here... For guys like me such are just not my time of the year.

I'd wanna tag choulyin, Ronnie, Michelle. I only know u 3 T.T

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Swinburne Open Day

One new Cheap Arse looking Banner. Sigh... I shouldn't criticize other ppl's efforts when i din even contribute a little bit of help. Sorry... It was shown outside the classroom for the demo debate.
The collage put together by Paul, Winnie and some others whom I do not know... Maybe the elves gave em a helping hand. Nice trophies. Check out the two bigger ones. My name is engraved there :D Ngehehe...
Yeah... Looking like an animal trying to eat those... Can't believe the club won third best booth when we practically did nothing and just show off our trophies - some of which are mine. Haha...
A solemn looking me. Apparently my other personality subdued my animal instincts... The victory signs by Jackson are still there...

Open Day in Swinburne - Talk cock, sing song, play ping pong. Walaa... There u go folks. Come join Swinburne!!! U're even more welcome if u happen to be a gorgeous babe :D

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The Golden Compass

Azlan from the Chronicles of Narnia Versus Lorek from the Golden Compass. Who is more kick ass???

Flying witches versus some centaurs. Which is more badass and send chills down the spines of the enemy???

Hehe... watched The Golden Compass and i L.O.V.E it...

Monday, December 10, 2007

Tag No. 2

Still tagged by Evelyn and she got my name right this time!!! Yippee!!!

(a)A cool Alien ware notebook
(c) A new cellphone
(d) PS 3
(e) Santa nuking o the naughty children :)

(a) Heck, Alien ware can handle most extreme games and a gamer like me would love to get my hands on this baby.
(b) I love fast cars and the fast life.
(c) My cellphone is dying.
(d) Need I say more??? It's a freaking PS 3!!!!
(e) It'll be cool to c Santa on a killing spree.


(a) Looks cute
(b) Friendly
(c) Big big eyes. Not the gold fish kind but more of the puppies kind.
(d) Fair. Heck she is fairer than me and the last i checked with the magic mirror on the wall, it said i was the fairest of them all !!!
(e) Looks really innocent lar - big big eyes and so fair. Yet a wolf in sheep's clothings, she's a lawyer to be. Aha boys don't judge a book by it's cover or u'd get sued till u'd still go bankrupt even if u pawned yr underwears.

Read my blog and leave comments. Haha... think u're d only one who actually reads and leave comments lar Evelyn. I'm so touched T.T

MOST LOVED INVENTION(does not need to be technologically advance):
The internet


6 ppl
(a) Choulyn ???
(b) Ronnie??? Choulyn, get him to read this blog so i can tag him
(c) June if u happen to drop by and read this
(d) Michelle
(e) Adrianne -same thing... if u o happen to drop by and read this consider yrself tagged :P

1st Tag for my Blog -.-"

*considered tagged by evelyn???*

She is cuter than d gal in d pic and i know i ain't as cute as d boy in there.

Omg... First tag and first time ever mandarin is used in this blog so here it goes :

游戲規則: Game rules and regulations
被點到名字的要在自己的博客裏寫下自己的答案,然後去掉一個你最不喜歡的問題 再补上一個你的問題,仍然組成20個問題,傳給其他8個人,列出其他8個需要回 答問題的人的名字,還要到這8個人的博客裏留言通知對方—-你被點名了,被點名者不得拒絕回答問題,完成遊戲的人將會永遠得到大家的祝福。
Remove 1 question from below, and add in your personal question, make it total 20 questions, then tag to 8 people in your list, list them out at the end of this post. Notify them in their chat box that he/she had been tag. Whoever did the tag will have blessing from all.

You must link to the one who tag you, then spread it to 8 people, let's the game go on, return the tag to sender is prohibited.

1. 小时候的理想是什么? What is your dream during your childhood?

When I was young i dreamt of playing Lego, building robots and playing computer games i guess. It's great fun. And this childhood dream came true in Swinburne. For computer games, some1 installed Warcraft III in the computer lab pcs and heck it was a damn gr8 summer sem. For my robotics and mechatronics project 1, v had to build a Lego robot. Sadly, this was marred when my robot came in last and Mr. Ooi a.k.a Agent Double O 1 said the robots reflected the intelligence of d programmer and my robot just kept banging d wall :(

2. 喜欢雨天还是晴天?为什么? You like rainy day or sunny day? Why?

This depends actually. When i wanna go out i prefer it to be a sunny day while when i'm lazing around at home i prefer it to be rainy. For rainy days i prefer the shower and not the thunderstorms. The patter of the raindrops is just so melodious and soothing and i can fall asleep b4 u can say WTF??? by just listening to it :)

3. 最喜欢的颜色?Which colour you like most?

Red. Ok this has nothing to do with auspicious or what not but rather i think red does represent my hot temper and my passion in life. Heck even the Aries planet, Mars is the red planet!!!

4. 如果有机会的话, 你最想对你的他(她)说什么? If you've chance, what would you probably say to your beloved?

Hmm.. So chimm mer??? Wished i had never let u go???

5. 你最想去那个地方?为什么? Where is the place you wanted to go most? Why?

Japan!!! Definitely. Kawaii Jap girls and cool robots. Where else would i wanna be??? ok Hooters maybe...

6. 最受不了自己那个缺点?Which flaw of yours do you hate most?

Indecisiveness? Well it seems like my split and extreme personalities are in conflict more often these days and i really hate it.

7. 如果有不开心事情?你怎么办? When you encounter a sad moment, what would you do?

I tend to sleep. Maybe I'll get an idea to overcome it in my sleep. Either that or sleep just dulls the pain. Heck even if u dun get sweet dreams the nightmares u get is surely worse than the sad moment.

8. 最害怕失去什么? What do you scare to loss the most?

Myself. I'm really scared that with the split personalities i think i have, I might actually lose myself while chasing my dreams.

9. 遇见喜欢的人, 你是勇敢表白, 还是默默关注? If you meet someone that you love, would you confess to him/her? Or just keep secret in heart, observing by yourself?

Depends actually. If I'm in d mood i'd actually go over and ask for her number or sth. Other times i'd just look from faraway wondering how did such an angel lose her wings.

10. 说去点你名的人的三个优点。 List out 3 good points of the one who tag you.
i) Looks gr8
ii)Looks gorgeous
iii) Looks innocent n kinda blur like an angel lost on Earth

11. 你希望你的另一半需要具备的条件是什么? What are the requirements that you wish for your another half?

Like me i guess. Able to stimulate me intellectually and must also have the looks i guess.

12. 至今最令你后悔的事是什么? Till now, what is the moment that you regret most?

To think with my other head instead of my usual head.

13. 你最讨厌怎样的人? Which type of person you hate most?

I hate those who lie i guess. Backstabbers and hypocrites.... Damn... I hate em...

14. 你的志愿是什么? What is your ambition?

I'm a very simple man with a simple ambition, 3 words describes my ambition - Fame, Fortune, Power.

15. 你认为遇到什么样的事情才会令你觉得人性很黑暗? What is the thing that will make you think that humanity is vile?

Something i am really scared i might do - to lose o the virtues i believe in to achieve my ambitions. A person who turns back on himself and lose himself to the temptations of power and fortune does portray the darkest side of humanity. :'( i'm so scared i'd end up doing this some day.

16. 如果能让你实现一个愿望,会是什么? If you can have one dream to come true, what would it be?

Peace on Earth? Israel reconciling with Palestine?? Get a death note so i can do what Kira did ???

17. 圣诞节快到了,想跟谁庆祝? Christmas is coming, who would you like to celebrate with?

Someone special but i guess she'll never know.

18. 觉得人生最重要的事情是什么? What do you think that is most important in your life?

Aiya... Simple question lar... Even an ah Beng like me oso can answer lar... Me, myself and I.

19. 希望自己在几岁嫁/娶?At what age do you wish to marry?

Hmm... Never??? Hehe... Check out Charlie in two and a half men. He's my role model.

20. My question.
Who would you sell your soul to? A. Santa B. Satan

Neither i guess.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Holidays !!!

Yeah! It's that time of the year again. The long awaited 3 months long summer holidays!! Ok there is no summer in Malaysia but since my Uni is a branch campus from Aus it just works dat way :P Ok... I admit. After my last paper which i screwed up badly, I wasn't in much of a holiday mood. As time passes by, my mood slowly picks up.

Haha... Some holiday targets to be met this time round:
1) Acquire solid works skills. Seems to be some skill that is quite favourable among employers of engineers. Oh yeah... 3D drawings sure make ppl go goo go gaa gaa...

2) Keep fit. I'm getting fatter these days. Can feel it as my jeans are getting tighter. Not really aiming for some 6 abs or even arms like tree trunks. Just wanna trim down the waist line.

3) Gonna try and be the opposite of my current personality some time, somewhere where no one knows who I am :D Should be fun.

4) Update this blog more often as this seems to be a dying blog. Well no idea if it has ever lived but definitely on d brink of death it seems.

Oh stupiak rain... Y wouldn't u stop??? If u do i can start to go jogging... If d rain doesn't stop maybe i'll start skipping rope.

That's o folks! Gonna have my hair cut soon. Maybe i'll post some pics later with a new hair cut. Cam manwhoring :P

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

If Life is a movie

An original production by Nick. Infringement of copyright will result in a voodoo curse, thai bomoh's black magic, or a Malay bomoh's jampi whichever u believe in.

If life is a movie, a perfect romance thriller would...

be longer running than Taiwanese drama.
have a much more complex plot and drama of a Spanish soap opera.

induce more tears than a Korean romance flick.
have more actions than a Chinese kung fu kick.

be much more erotic than a Japanese AV.
have more nonsense than you see on a Malaysian TV.

have more glamour than Hollywood.
have more dancing and singing than a Bollywood!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Should i press d panic button now???

Yupe this button looks very tempting to press. Yes once again i'd like to say it's d temptation which is too strong and it ain't coz my willpower is too weak. Exams are here once again. The perfect time for those who wanna panic to jump off buildings while yr friends are havin their exams so they'll pay attention to yr bloody corpse and fail their exams.

Maybe I have ady pressed the button but i have yet realised it. Finals start on Tuesday and i am here adding another worthless article to a blog where nobody reads. Think my psychiatrist might be right bout me being crazy.

Subjects to be tested on in d finals:
Human factors - well as long as i remember d key terms i can talk my way outta it right?
Sensors and actuators - no prob as long as i follow d rule "Monkey see Monkey do" as shown by Manas yg Ganas... I think..
Machine dynamics - Get d tips right and do the tutes. Not too hard i hope :P
Circuits and electronics analysis - Think i've done my fair share of practice so shouldn't be quite a problem.

Well wish me luck. If i manage to pass with flying colours and get some extra cash, I'll treat ya to a meal :)

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Beautiful coincidence...

Most of the time i would accompany my post with a pic but not this time. Bro is gonna sit for his SPM (not PMS) so he decided to go for a hair cut and pray at the temple. Initially, i din wanna follow. Just when they stepped out d door, d tv flickered and turned off. Well i took dat as some kinda sign and decided to follow my bro.

At the hair salon, I saw a hairdresser. Boy... Is she gorgeous... Big watery eyes, oval shaped face.. Haha wish i've taken her pic and need not spend so much time describing. Well she looks familiar but i din dare to talk to her as she was cutting d hair of a little boy at dat moment. So i spent some time talking to my bro though i think my eyes were looking at her and my attention was focused at her while my bro babbled away.

After she finished trimming d boy's hair, she went to have sth to eat and sat there watching her her colleague cut my bro's hair. Chance came alas, but this is my life and things never run dat smoothly. Just when i've convinced myself to talk to her, my dad came in and started talking to me !!! T.T what a waste. Y can't he decide to have some father and son time at home???? :'(

Just before v left, I asked her if she was Amy. And yeah... She is Amy, my pre school sweet heart. Haha... no wonder such a beauty took my heart away at d tender age of 5 :P It's quite a pity i forgot to get her number. Even got chided by her colleague for only talking to her when v were bout to leave. Apparently she saw me b4 and still remember me but din dare start d conversation. Well most probably i have dat cold and distant look or d arrogant look :P On d way back to Kuching, the song "When will i see u again" was played on d radio and thus make me wonder when will i see her again. I dun think i need a hair cut and I've failed to convince my bro to have one. He won't even wanna perm it.

Gambate!!!! Next time I will definitely get her number and picture!!!


Democracy - to many it's just a word meaning a system practised whereby there is election and voting. In actual fact, it is more than a word. It is a perspective. A perspective of the people on the future of their nation. In Malaysia, we have claimed that we practice a democratic system and the people have the power to choose the Government that best represents them. This is a claim most frequently used by the ruling government to claim that they have been given the mandate by the people to rule the nation as they have been in power since the country gained independence.

Most Malaysians who do not have the access to the internet might buy that story but what democracy is there in Malaysia when there is gerry-mandering involved in the elections? What's more, the Government has passed an Act which requires publication companies to renew a license every year. With this Act in place, the Government is practically in control of all the media. No news coverage is given to the opposition unless it's a negative one. Even campaigning permits are restricted. Without a leveled playing field, where is the essence of democracy?

10th November 2007 - A day that will be forever etched in my mind. A day when the Malaysian people stood up as one against all the injustice brought about. I honestly believe that the forefathers have the most sincere intentions to form the social contract to live in harmony and to go to greater heights as a nation. Sadly this social contract has been misinterpreted and the lies are spread. It was on 10th November 2007, Malaysians from all walks of life come together as one to push for an electoral reform. The four reforms demanded are:
  1. The use of indelible ink to prevent repeated voting.
  2. The prevention of ghost voting (actually it means ID theft by using IDs of the deceased to vote and it does not mean that the supernatural is rife in Malaysia with the deceased rising from the dead to vote).
  3. The abolition of postal voting.
  4. Equal access to the mainstream media by all political parties.

It was indeed a moment to be proud of. The space trip by a Malaysian cannot even compare to the feeling i felt from this rally. It is indeed true that the best things in life are free. To see how the divide and rule tactic used did not stop the people from going on as one to demand for their most basic rights - the right to have a fair and clean election. Personally i would say that moment was as significant as the moment our forefathers got together to demand Independence from the British Government. Such a rally did not cost the Government billions. All it took was the determination of the people in the country to achieve liberation. Despite the odds staked against them, with 4000 police personnels standing guard and using water cannons and tear gas to disperse the crowd.

The truth will prevail regardless. Here is a link to the al jazeera coverage on the rally

My day started off gloomy too but i guess a smile from a waitress and this event did brighten up my day though i think the waitress was just trying to get me to eat at the food court. 10th November 2007 - a day i salute the TRUE HEROES of Malaysia and not a SPACE TOURIST :P

Sunday, October 28, 2007


Life is such a funny thing. It always has some kinda surprise in store for everyone regardless of who they are. At times it's so ironic the things that life has in store for us that some people just decide to end their lives.

My life... Well can't really say it's THAT BAD... but somehow d kinda surprises it have are really just so unlikely that sometimes i wonder if I'm a character in a tragic comedy like Jim Carrey the Truman Show. It was just on Fri night dat my friend and i decided to go Hartz Chicken buffet to have dinner. All along the way, traffic was smooth. When v reached d destination, it din take us long to find a parking space. O seems too good to be true. My friend even joked that my life ain't so smooth, sth unexpected will happen like Hartz Chicken closing for d day. Told him dat was too unlikely. Most probably Hartz Chicken will just be overcrowded. True enough when v reached Hartz Chicken, it was overcrowding with people and people queued till d entrance of KFC. sigh... sometimes i think ppl just think i'm telling em a cock and bull story when i tell em some of d events dat happened in my life.

Just today, i realised dat maybe life is just like dat for everyone. As the saying goes " Sh!t Happens". In my previous post, i was poking fun at d Malaysian Astronut. Imagine his resume after his space flight "Job: Part time model cum Astronaut". He must be euphoric to be d first Malaysian to be in space. Sadly, his return trip to Earth was marred by d news that his brother knocked into a post and was comatized. Today, his brother passed away. Imagine that. At one moment, one is on top of the world. The next, one is basically at the lowest point in life knowing one's closest relative is not there to share one's joy. Life is good... at making people miserable. This time round with d utmost sincerity, "Dr. SMS, my heartfelt condolences to you and your family."

Guess that is life... It'll always have some surprise for us all... Those who manage to die with their sanity intact and with no guilty conscience have most probably succeeded in living life to d fullest...

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Blast off!!!

Malaysia's Rocket a.k.a the rocket the Russians built and piloting with a Malaysian on board, being transferred to launch site.

3! 2! 1! Jerk Off!!!... Opps... I meant blast off!!!

9th October 2007 - Malaysian has once again proven that Malaysia Boleh ( 2 b read in a sarcastic tone). The astronaut (or cosmonaut as he was trained in Russia or even Angkasawan if d Malaysian Government decides to label that as Malaysia's trademark for their astronuts) Dr Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor (Dr. SMS catchy name eh??? ), is the first Malaysian in space !! Yippee. According to him, he'd try to fast if possible though the Perak Ufti did say he need not stick to it. What's more, the Malaysian Government has even released a handbook on performing Islamic prayers in space -a 12-page booklet titled "Muslim Obligations in the International Space Station." Yupe... Malaysia Boleh...Heck... I bet that when space exploration becomes common, this guidebook will be the best seller in Muslim countries.

The Malaysian space programme is part of the deal which comes along with the purchase of Sukhoi Fighters from Russia. A mere $1billion is all that is needed to send a Malaysian into space according to the Gov so y not seize this opportunity huh? So began the search for the suitable candidates years ago and finally it came down to the final two -
Dr Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor and Faiz Khaleed ( a dentist - maybe he can study how cavity affect teeth in space :p ). Now, NASA has claimed that Dr. SMS is just a flight passenger to the space station and this has caused a furore among the politicians in M'sia. Come on - he'd be conducting who-knows-what experiments in space ok??? If he is just a mere passenger then this would also mean the Sukhoi jet fighters would include pilots from Russia with Malaysian pilots as passengers only...

Lets speculate what Dr. SMS might do at the space station:

Dr SMS: WOOHOO!!! I'm the first to celebrate Hari Raya in space !!! Wonder if my curry rendang taste better here :P *slurp*

Other astronauts: *shakes their head and takes out their equipment from their backpacks to start conducting experiments*

Dr. SMS: Hey guys, y are u o so serious? Try some of the chicken curry i brought with me. It's truly Malaysian... No??? What bout the beef rendang? Sure you don't want it? The pork satay taste gr8 2. opps...

Other astronauts: *decides to have a taste of Malaysian food from their comrade NOT PASSENGER MIND YOU.*

Dr. SMS: The food from Malaysia is gr8 right? Wait till u try the Malaysian women... Ngehehe... What bout teh tarik to wash down o d food? Aww... Dun be shy... Lemme show you how WE TARIK it...

B4 they can stop him, starts to tarik d teh.
Scientific fact: For the tea to be "pulled" there is a need for gravity. In space, there is NO GRAVITY and the force will cause the liquid to be dispersed all around the place.

Other astronauts: NO!!!!!!... ARGH!!! It's hot !!! Get it off my face!!! I can't SEE!!! T.T !@#@$#%$#^^%&%^#$%$%#

After all that,the results of scientific experiments that was revealed:
Experiment 1: Effects of micro-gravity on protein crystallisation
Results: The curry chicken and beef rendang taste like solid rocks. I think the protein in em must have crystallized. I prefer having em at home :(

Experiment 2: Effects of micro-gravity on cell development:
Results: Seems like micro gravity does accelerate the growth of cells... I've developed a beer tummy up here :( Even my waist has increased by 5 inches :'( Then again, it might be caused by the curry chicken and beef rendang.

Oh well, that's all folks. No more crazy pondering from me. Blasting off!!!

Friday, September 21, 2007

Fxcked up journalism

Lately i realised my posts have mostly been about myself and i've not written anything that deals with any issues for these issues have been brought up by other bloggers. What happened these 2 days changed my perception of the mainstream media in Malaysia.

There was once a time when journalism was supposed to be a respected professionalism. The workers of the media were at the frontline of the latests happenings trying to uncover the truth behind the stories they report. These were subjective or independent opinions which represented the views of the journalists. Even in Malaysia's context, journalism was once a tool used to enlighten the society. Scholars opposing the British rule wrote their opinions in the newspapers and distributed it in hope of opening the eyes of their countrymen to the truth of the society. This eventually invoked the idea of nationalism and the people of the country demanded for independence from the British rule. That was a time when journalism was used to enlighten the people. Now, the mainstream media is what i'd call BULLSHIT AND CRAP which censors opinions and its main purpose is to spread propaganda. No one with opposing views are allowed to voice their opinions. No one is allowed to know the shortcomings of the Government.

For all that crap i could still tolerate it. However, the last straw came on Tuesday. On the front page of the news was the picture of a bruised and battered, dead young girl. For days that followed, the media followed with close attention to the progress of the case. What irked me and filled me with angst and horror was how the media sensationalized the issue. Any person regardless should be allowed to pass on with dignity. It is ok for media to publish the pics of the girl when she was alive but to publish the pics of her corpse was totally uncalled for. What is worse is how the media described in details the process of her assault. From now on, I will never be able to look at cucumbers and brinjals the way i used to.By all means, condemn such a heinous crime, spread the awareness to parents of not letting your children off your sight but do not sensationalize the case by going into the details of the murder! If you think this is bad enough, it was only days ago that the Auditor General gave a press statement on the blatant wastage of funds by the public departments. It was only days ago that 2 people were shot by live bullets by a policeman who tried to disperse a congregation. However, no news is reported on the follow up actions taken against those who misused the money of the public or the police who opened fire against civilians.

The case of the child is what i'd call a problem on the surface. The root of the problem lies within the efficiency of the police. B4 her corpse was found, it was reported in the papers regarding her missing. Had there been efficiency, such a tragedy could have been prevented. Y aren't the mainstream media highlighting this issue then? Are those so called journalists so blatantly ignorant that they had the wrong focus? Or is this press coverage of the girl's murder a shift of the people's attention from those who plunder and abuse power?

To be honest, I have never really been a believer but for those who actually use the gruesome murder of an innocent young girl to mask their heinous crimes they commit, may God have mercy on their soul.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Strange encounter of the third kind (Not another ah gua joke)

Earlier this morning woke up to a pretty bad day. Had sore throat and definitely not enough sleep. Din even bother to style my hair and i pulled a cap on. Mum even turn off d power to my computer system and i'd argued with her... It's NEVER a good way to start a day with a quarrel... :(

Oh well dat wasn't as bad as what i'd experienced or at least THOUGHT i experienced. Usually in the early mornings, i ain't fully awake so i'd usually catch a nap in d lobby. However today i was feeling especially tired and sleeping while sitting up ain't exactly gonna help so i went to search for a room in level 6 to nap in. Around 8, Mdm. Christina appeared and chased me away. Apparently she has some kinda interview going on for her students. So d only empty classrooms left are the ones on d 8th floor. Dragging my sleepy feet, i made my way up to d 8th floor which was practically empty with no sign of life at that moment - a nice place to sleep with no worries of anyone disturbing me :)

How wrong i was. Went into a room and napped in a corner. Couldn't really fall asleep so i took a look at d construction going on outside and da eventually bored me to sleep. In d midst of my sleep, i thought i felt d presence of two other people. I thought I might have overslept and some people are gonna use the class for their tutes or lecture. I tried waking up but suddenly i felt a sense of hostility. Strange as it may sound, it seemed like those two people were not quite friendly. I thought one of em asked his friend "Is he dead?" while the other was checking me out. I tried to move but i couldn't. It's like a case whereby i felt like i was frozen on d spot. I was kinda afraid and so i quickly chanted a few times of Amitabha in my heart. After the chanting, i was actually able to get up and have a good look at my surroundings. Strangely I was the only one in d room. There were no 2 other person in the room. Instead of freaking out and running away i actually sat there wondering if it was o just a dream for a while. Guess it might really have been an encounter of the third kind and these kinds are usually more frightening than the ah guas...

C anything strange with these seats??? This was where i was napping...

After it o, I actually msged my fren and asked him to come uni so v could go to the same room to take a pic or two for this blog :P The next moment i stepped into the room i did feel kinda nausea. No idea y, but after taking a pic or two i quickly left with my friend. Sleepy as i may be i don't think i'd be taking my naps there lest i really end up resting in peace.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Quotable quotes???

Another Friday night and i've nothing better to do so I'm listing down some of d quotes that i like. Some are my own creation while others are those which I've read about or heard from my friends.

  • Talk cock, sing song play ping pong. ( got this one from Siang Shen)
  • Beauty is skin deep but ugliness goes right through the bones :D
  • KFC whoresome meals - guaranteed to make ya feel like a whore
  • Try pronouncing P.H.O.N.E. Now try P.H.U.C.K !!!
  • Idiots are plain stupid.
  • Half of a glass is filled with water. Optimists call it half full. Pessimists call it half empty. Engineers call it a waste of space as the container is twice d size needed !!!
  • An apple a day keeps the doctor away. A durian a day keeps everyone away from you.
  • Hi miss, i've lost my number. Can i have yours?
  • That asshole is an ace whore.
  • Honeymoon years in studies are for real. You wake up totally exhausted the next day

Monday, September 3, 2007

My house steamboat buffet

My house steamboat - nope it ain't at my place. The restaurant itself is called "My house". No idea y they have such a name but most probably they want their customers to feel at home over there. First heard of it when i was living in d hostel but never really got d chance to visit it. First visit was last year.

Yes i know i did two articles bout food. I'm getting fat from o this eating - so sue me... Strange things oways happen to me and they do often happen in d darnest way possible. Like i've said earlier, when i wanted to go there to try out the food, the chance eluded me.

On merdeka day, my fren invited me to go over for dinner and i went with him since there was nothing better to do. Ate a lot of weird stuff... Oh yeah - the satay there is a definite must. So are the chicken and mutton kebabs! Had bout 40 to 50 sticks of those things. Add in more fish meat in d asam soup, that's more than enough to last for a few days.

And come Saturday when my bro comes to kch. Suddenly my dad has a brilliant idea for dinner - my house steamboat. WTH? I was like... shyt... two nights in a row at d same place. What's more, it's an all u can eat buffet dinner... On d second night it was definitely all i can't eat... :(

Growing fat these days... haiz... I'll try to work off d fat... Wish me luck !!!

Friday, August 31, 2007

Ala kiev = D 1 ( k ??? WTF???

Now tell me what this pic reminds u of ? If yr answer is D 1 ( k , i guess v do think alike then. This was what i had for dinner last Saturday. No I ain't gay. Come on it cost RM 13 ++ and for an unemployed student, that's considered quite a bomb. It was a dish in a restaurant in kch which goes by d name of Gajah (in english anyway. Dun wanna get sued for defamation).

Bout the restaurant, it ain't really a bad one. Nice environment with d correct ambiance. D only thing dat went wrong was d waiters and waitresses. My frens and i have sat there for bout more than 10 minutes yet none of em came over to take our orders. It was only after a whistle from my fren did the waitress came over. Now the menu din really have any pics to give the customers a good idea of the dishes they are about to order. At first i only wanted sth light so i ordered a blueberry sundae ( and it turned out to be really delicious... no worries it does not resemble t ! t 5). After seeing my frens ordered some heavy duty dinner though they just mentioned that they wanted to go for a snack earlier on, i decided to order a dish 2. Browsed through d menu and a description of a meal caught my eye. Tender chicken meat rolls stuffed with cheese and pepper. Fried to crisp. Served with coleslaw and FRENCH FRIES!!! Sounds tasty. D name of this dish? - Ala Kiev.

15 minutes later, the food came. My friends were served by the waitresses. As for me? D gay-looking chef (if my memory serves me right anyway) served this dish with a grin on his face. I dunno if it was a practical joke but the cheese had to flow outta d tip of d chicken roll. To make things worse, the colour of the cheese looks like some oh well u know what i wanna say... The image dat hit me when my dish was served - TADAa!!!

To eat or not to eat? That is the question. After considering the price i had to pay for this dish, i poured ketchup on it and just sliced it beyond recognition and stuffed it down my throat. Sigh... Even dat sounded so wrong... Oh well... That was my dinner for last Sat. For those of u bout to have yr meal... Bon appetit !!!

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Kuching Festival Parade

Kuching City Festival Parade 2007... Yeah... Definitely worth going... Usually wouldn't have cared less but i read in the news that Lim Kok Wing college is gonna have their female students dressed as cats... Damn... I'd still be going even if I was too sick to get outta my bed. Just to make my point, take a look at d pics...

These two are the lovely felines from Lim Kok Wing... What a nice purr... :D

Bad pic... Sad case as i had no idea of the focus when i was taking this pic - Sorry Michelle. This Eurasian cutie beside me is Michelle Vanessa Lee from Inti. And below is the pic of Michelle and her friend Siti.
Following up Inti was some weird group which i can't recall but after that it was Swinburne.

The anime club doing cosplay from my uni - Swinburne University of Technology (Sarawak Campus). The chick holding d ball looks cute right? Usually she doesn't look as cute... Maybe it's d costumes :P

Oh here is the Armour Regiment of Kuching. They do look very pro huh ???
Traditional beauties of Sarawak. I called out to one but i realised the one beside her is prettier and i told her to call the one beside her. Then again, I decided it was less insulting to tell em i wanted to take a couple pic of them.

Last but not least, the traditional Chinese Lion Dance. The blue lion looks quite amazing huh?

Friday, August 3, 2007


Now needless to say, I am sure most people who are reading this post knows what transformers are. Just in case u don't, it's not short for transexual performers. Watched the movie some time ago but haven sat down to blog bout it. Here is my conclusion : WATCH IT !!! But have any of you noticed the aliens seem to be male dominated species? Check out the video above and you'll have your answer. Enjoy!!!

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Crowd Control Please...

Wii for sale??? iPhone's launching??? PS3 reaching the shores of Sarawak??? Nope... Merely a crowd frenzy on Swinburne's registration day. Heck... The tuition fees for one sem is more than any of those listed gadgets. Had i not known any earlier i would have thought that most of the people actually camped in the campus just to get in line for the registration.

It's been a few years but the damn enrollment system in Swinburne is still as bad or even worse than before. In the past years it took me no longer than an hour to register but now, it took me THREE BLOODY HOURS!!! ARGH!!!

This is how the story goes:

Some hot chicks or cicadas as my friends put it are not mere bimbos as how most people perceive em to be. As manipulative as they are, they know how to use their God-given assets well. When most people are queuing in line to get a number, they'd just sit there waiting for a miracle. And when the miracle don't come, the charm of a damsel in distress oways manage to do the trick. "Excuse me, will ya let me pass?" and so forth... Well it is bad enough idiots like me allow it to happen. Worse still, the staff who are suppose to be the ones responsible for crowd control condone it. They also allow these people to have it their way and cut queues and register.

Well, no offence meant but a lot of hostility intended - This staff in the line i was queuing seems to be thinking with his dickhead than with his head. When the gals so blatantly cut d queue and wanna register he gave such a goofy grin which made me wanna wipe it right outta his puny face. Once i've reached d counter did i realise y he took so long to process d enrollment of the gals. There on his tag - Name: Valentine. Damn.. No way am i gonna name any of my kids with a casanova name lest he turns out to be a total dickhead who thinks with his crotch than his brain.

As for the enrollment system, here are my humble suggestions:

1) Separate Engineering, Business and Multimedia into different floors. Business can be done in the ground floor auditorium, the Engineering ones can be done at the lecture hall on 8th floor while the multimedia ones can register on the 9th floor.

2) Stick to the numbering system and ENFORCE it!!! Eh... Don't let people jump queue just because they are leng loi lar... Not like dat act alone is gonna get u in bed wit any of them.

3) Employ more efficient staff. Efficiency is really an issue when you're handling a student population of around 900.

Above are my displeasure and suggestions for the CCB enrollment system.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Can it get any worse?? :P

Disappointment... Who doesn't have em? If you don't you're either over optimistic or you're nuts. When the situations are bad enough, most people tend to ask themselves or even God - "Will it get any worse?". Don't be a fool. It always does so there is no point asking when there s already an obvious answer.

The following are the unfortunate events which happened to me in four consecutive days up till today:


Bad - Thought i had slowly regained part of my composure during debate but apparently i did not. Was against a team which i personally deemed weak and did not really bother to rebutt their arguments. Who knew? It was a valid argument according to the adjudicators and I've made a record by having my uni's team to not even get into the finals. (First time ever in Swinburne Sarawak's history the debate team didn't make it to the finals :( )

Worse - After the loss, at least managed to get to know one of the pretty ushers in INTI and added her. Sounds good right? Nope... After adding, i rushed out to meet my friends and forgot to sign out. When i was out, i received a msg from her. Well with late reply which was a bit far fetched, can't help but think I've been blocked :(


Bad - Couldn't wait to watch transformers so i went to the movies. Thought i might get some company so i asked a girl out. Never got any reply. Watched the movie alone. At least it was worth the watch. A definite turn on for a robotics and mechatronics student as it was all bout robots and the lead actress was a hot chick.

Worse - After the movie, i decided to head over to my mum's office and go home together. And the big dude up the sky just loves to play such jokes on me. It was raining heavily and i couldn't head to anywhere to have my belated lunch or even to my mum's office. And things just get worse. My phone ran low on battery, my parent's phone was not on. Had to walk all the way to McDonalds in the rain :'(


Bad - Overslept once again. By the time i woke up it was very very late. Even had a bloody headache and running nose. Good thing dad bought lunch but the bad thing is the portion is so little i was hardly full -.-"

Worse - Went to have dinner at the Satay House and it was raining heavily. A few chicks to look at. Seems pretty good huh? Nope. On the right side, there was a hot chick. On the left, there is a worker there who is a muscular a gua. I swear her arms are even larger than mine. Worse thing, "she" was the one serving us. Looks like a gorilla and sounds like one too. Oh yeah, the hot chick left the restaurant just after a while :(


Bad - Went to have my engine course today. A way belated one. The reason? - a story for some other time. Anyway, was wondering if there would be any hot chicks following the instructors car. Apparently, there was none. A filipino and another middle aged lady with a disturbed looking kid.

Worse - As if no leng loi to see was not bad enough, the two ladies had to use perfume. I mean come on, it's a law course/engine course - and the smell won't get you anymore attractive. Actually it was more of an odour than aroma. The two ladies used two different perfume with very strong ODOUR. The mixed up smell was so pungent i was practically holding my breath all the way to the driving institute. The worst of all, the driving institute was VERY VERY VERY FAR away. What an unforgettable trip. :(

So kids, never ever be that stupid to ever ask if things will ever get worse. It is an ABSOLUTE YES whether or not you ask.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

V for Vendetta and Malaysia

Remember, remember, the 5th of November,
The gunpowder treason and plot,

I know for no reason,

why the gunpowder treason,

should be forgot.

Earlier today I watched V for Vendetta. At first i thought it was just another comic book adaptation. How wrong i was. It was a very thought provoking movie as how men can die for their ideals but their perspective, their ideas will never die. The msg relayed by the film is indeed very meaningful. All throughout the film, the identity of the man in the mask was never revealed. The man in the mask was a symbol of the people. He could be any man on the street. As long as the people united, there is no reason y they should be suppressed by the government. The hero in the movie, V, wanted to blow up the parliament. According to him, what use is the building when the real problem lies within the country? With enough people, blowing up a building can change the world.

One reason why i think the movie had such an impact on me is because the movie somewhat reflected the society I am living in. Below are the similarities I find between the movie and the country i live in.

The way the Government rule:

In the movie: The Government ruled through fear of the people. They constantly stated that if the people would not support the government, the country is once again going to fall into chaos. It is only the Government who had the power to maintain the order for the people.

In Malaysia: The Government oso ruled through fear. The constant argument by the Government is that the May 13th racial riots will happen again if the people did not vote for the Government. According to the Government, one cause of the May 13th riots was due to the victory of the Opposition in the state elections. Only the Government which is a coalition of all the main races can ensure satisfaction from every sectors.

The official religion:

In the movie: In the movie, the slogan "Strength through unity, unity through faith" constantly appears. The Government in the movie adopted Christianity as the official religion and hopes to unite its people using their faith in the religion. Good intentions right?? Wrong. In the movie, a person who was caught in possession of a Quran was executed for the fear he might be a terrorist who would disrupt the harmony within the country.

In Malaysia: After Independence of Malaya, the official religion adopted by the Malaysian government is Islam. All races accepted it as they have religious freedom. But apparently, such freedom can only be applied to non-Muslims. There are two highlights in the case of religion recently - Lina Joy and Revathi. Lina Joy was born a Muslim Malay. When she is mature enough to decide for herself, she decided to be a Christian. She absolved her faith and wanted the word Muslim erased from her identity card. Sad to say, her battle to the end proved to be avail. The Supreme Court ruled that she has to be subjected to Syariah Law and not Civil Law for this matter. Under Syariah Law, any apostate who no longer believes in Islam is deemed a criminal for he/she has deviated from the right path. Next case: Revathi, an Indian whose parents are Muslim converts but brought up by her Grandmother to be a Hindu. After the religious dept. realised she married and Hindu, they've decided to take her into one for their "faith rehabilitation" camps. In the camp, she was forced to eat beef ( not prize for those who manage to guess what Hindus can't eat) and not allowed any visits by her family members. She had to endure it for 6 months. So in a sense, any deviation from the official religion results in a criminal prosecution. Sounds like sth in the movie?

The Conspiracy:

In the movie: There was a tragedy that befell the country. The St. Mary incident and the Three Waters incident. A deadly virus was released and a plagued ensued. The country fell into panic and chaos. The Government had to take affirmative actions in order to restore peace and security in the country. Terrorists were captured and executed but there was a conspiracy stating that the Government was the one who released the virus. Seizing the opportunity, the politicians in the country were able to push for affirmative policies and win the elections with landslide victory over other parties. Records of the incidents were deleted and kept as official secrets. A police chief investigating the incidents involving V and came across the records. The Supreme Chancellor's advice to him was to forget the contents he read as the facts were easily manipulated and fabricated.

In Malaysia: The tragedy that befell Malaysia was the May 13th incidents which was involved racial riots. The public records in Malaysia all stated that it was due to racist celebrations by one particular party after their victory in the elections which aroused the envy among other races which caused it. A book by Dr. Kua stated that after studying the declassified documents of the British Records, it was hinted that some aspiring politician wanted to gain power for himself and thus created this scenario in which they can take advantage of. Thus, right after the tragedy, the follow up was the setup of a National Unity commission which dealt with the interaction of all the different races and which introduced the New Economic Policy. Now after the allegations made by the book, the Government is telling the people that these are just "perceptions of foreigners" who do not understand the REAL situation in Malaysia. Thus, its credibility is questionable. Hmm... sounds like sth from that movie again???

The Measures taken to Ensure National Security

In the movie: The Government had built its empire based on the chaos created by the allegedly "Muslim Terrorist" attacks. Therefore, the Government had all say in the security measures in the country. There was curfew in the name of protection for the citizen. The Government also took affirmative actions to ensure its people have total faith in the Government. The national television broadcast company BTN airs the Government's propagandas. A talk show host who made fun of the Supreme Chancellor was taken in by the secret police and sentenced to death based on the evidence that he had a Quran and was suspected to be a Muslim terrorist.

In Malaysia: The Government also wants the people to have total faith in the coalition party. To ensure national harmony the Internal Security Act was passed. Anyone who was suspected of creating disunity or might have the potential of creating chaos would be taken into Sungai Buloh. The national television broadcast company RTM always airs shows which reflects national unity and racial harmony. All scandals never got to see the light of the day in the mainstream media.

Well well... That's all there is to it. Strangely after watching this movie i've this strange feeling like my life is just another movie (-_-" )

Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Come to think of it, it's been so long since i really put in much effort into this blog which nearly died. Is it so since it was never really alive in the first place?? :P Been a one hella of a month. The freaking end of semester nightmares. Just before study week, there were three freaking assignments which needed to b handed in. Two required presentation. What's more, in between these assignments there were tests. Sigh... So so stress. Had it not been some crazy experience of dealing with stress when i was in primary school i think i'd have been admitted to the asylum ady. Even in study week had another test. Was confident bout scoring but instead i did poorly. What a pity. Guess dat's d price to pay for being overconfident. Haha... There was this MATLAB assignment 2. Only worth 2 marks but need to do 25 pages of report. I'd put it off till study week to do and only handed it in yesterday. Oh yeah... exam time... First paper. Damn... Not enough time to finish it. This year my Lecturer decided to be a bit sadistic. Used JK FF instead of D or T FF for d circuit designs. Double d work. Even Threw in MCQs... sigh... So much work... After dat had my fav nasi lemak and got food poisoning. Had to stay in bed d whole day. Sat for the two papers - Structural Mechanics and Technical Software Programming without studying for em. Wish me luck. Oh exam's over? Nope. One more paper to go tomolo. Maths... Make or break. So gonna study now ciaoz...

Friday, June 22, 2007

Glimpse of Heaven

At times we do ask ourselves where can we find our own safe haven. There are also times when we are at such a low point in our lives that we do wonder if God is out there. Somehow I personally believe that regardless of the religion one belongs to, there is only one God. He is always around, we only need to look for Him and we'll find him. From all the war raging on this earth and all the atrocities committed by mankind, one may be led to believe that Earth is a living Hell. It is but a matter of perspective. From the kindness one human shows to another in the face of disaster regardless of race or religion, i believe God is there smiling upon us. I have my share of low points in life. When i do start wondering if Heaven exists at o, i oways seem to find my answer. Trust me. Just look around and see the beauty of it all... In d evenings, after d rain... D sunlight which pierces through it shines down upon us light a ray from heaven guiding us towards it... Haha guess this is d closest i get to sounding spiritual in my blog though i tend to appear more like an atheist to ppl. I believe...

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

C++ anyone ???

#include \
#include \

using namespace std;

void C++ anyone??( )
string sentence="C++ anyone???";

cout<<"In my time in primary school, I've learnt the three main languages spoken by the people of Malaysia to interact with others. The three languages are English, Chinese and Malay."<
cout<<"Mastering these languages to interact with humans have been hard. Not only did I need to watch out for grammatical errors, I even had to watch out for the vocab in case the msg i conveyed had another meaning and offends people. "<
cout<<"After all the years spent learning those languages, I need to learn three new language once more in Uni. This time the three main languages that i'd need to learn are C-programming, C++ programming and Java language. (It's Java not Jawi). These are the languages needed to interact with computers. To be able to survive as a Mechatronics engineer i guess i have no choice but to master these languages as well as I'd be spending a hell lotta time with processors which function as the robot's brains."<

cout<<"My woes with C++ started with the assignment as shown in the above picture. Students are required to design a programme called Warrior Robot which has a Warrior Robot that is able to navigate its way from entrance to exit while avoiding collision with Random Bots."<

cout<<"Random bots? What Random Bots?? I dun c any Random Bots. Exactly. For God knows why, the Random Bot programme written by us can be compiled and built but sadly it just won't function. Adding in that module merely crashes the whole programme. The mockery by my previous lec still rings in my ears - the intelligence of the robot reflects the intelligence of the programmer. Now i feel like a retard."<

cout<<"To think that the presentation of the assignment was bad, it's not as bad when compared to my C++ lab test. During compilation, a few errors occurred. Worse thing is I've adhered to the rules of C++ syntax and can't exactly spot the error. Took me a little more than 15 minutes to write the programme but more than an hour to figure out the error. The error remains a mystery. My lec wasn't too sure bout the error too and in my frustration i raised my voice only to get a reply \"Y are u getting angry at me? It's d programme, not me.\" Sorry sir."<

cout<<"These languages seem to only frustrate me. Can't really be used when interacting with other humans,unless as Geeky pick-up lines."<

cout<<"Hi sexy, looking for someone cool?? I'm C++ooler than u can handle..."<\

cout<<"Hi hot babe, my java is hotter than lava and i'm gonna make u go googoogaga..."<\

cout<<"So that's C++ for ya."<<>

Monday, May 28, 2007

Disputable Champion???

Looking back, I've been debating for 2 years now. Skills... Well did improve over d years i think. Yesterday was the intra-swin debate competition for 2007. Though my team had been the champion for year 2006, I still needed to join as i have yet to represent my uni in the Yayasan Sarawak Debate Challenge Trophy. Last time i won it coz i think i'd teamed up with justin who is able to complemnt my skills of counter attacking with his facts n figures. This year, so as to make the competition a fair playing ground, the senior debaters could not partner each other n had to team up with someone else. I teamed up with a penang dude called Evans. Haha, v both make d spiky hair team :D With Evans, both of us are more towards d not-so-well-read but quite good at thinking on our feet type of people. The only drawback would be if we were to set up a case. The first time i debated together with Evans was on dat day itself but somehow d team dynamics was good. Maybe d spiky hair helped fine tune d frequency of it o :D Both of us had to go through 2 pre-lims and a semi b4 finally reaching d finals. Fate seemed to have a funny way to making history repeats itself. My team got closing gov (the same position which won me d trophy last year). N once again the debate itself was "messy". Did the same thing i did last year - tried my best to clear d mess. Well d results came out - once again my team is the Champion :D !!! But then d adjudicator gave the same reasoning for my win like last year. It was another below-average debate. No winners. Happened to win it as i ain't so much of an obvious loser :( Sigh... Two consecutive wins. Both not so glorious... The disputable Champion???

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Wave of sorrow

<- Like this dude on the right, i was suddenly swept over by a wave of sorrow for no apparent reason. Suppose to be a happy day for me. Earlier on, the people from the Yayasan Sarawa called to inform me that the contract for my scholarship is ready and i just need to collect it and sign it. Yupe, it's d prestigious Tunku Abdul Rahman Scholarship. With it, my course fees willl be covered. What's more, even d living expenses are covered by it as well. Even d bonds of the contract are very good. I can work for any company I want on the condition it is in Malaysia. So TAR scholarship = More money + Freedom of choice = Happyne$$ ?? Supposed so. Somehow it o just seemed so short-lived. After the euphoria has settled in, it just struck me I've no one to share my piece of good news with - well apart from my parents anyway. Maybe it is true. At times money just can't buy happiness.

Well night came soon enough. Even d games of DotA seemed to make my life more miserable. With 2 friends, V kept being pawned by mere AIs. Such an insult. A gloomy night with a shower, the perfect weather to match my mood. Sorrow, creeping in and seaping into my heart. Leaving nothing but a trail of sadness and emptiness behind. :(

Saturday, May 19, 2007

My Celebrity look-alikes.

Another boring day. Got so fed up of doing my assignments. Was browsing through other people's blogs and stumbled across this site called Used their face recognition technology and walah! Here is the result. Wonder why i bear more resemblances to female celebrities -.-" ? I guess this is the shortest article among all my posts. :)


If... At the moment with nothing better to do, a lot of questions popping into my mind especially the If... questions. One of the greatest If... questions I've never had any answer to would be "If i were to die tomorrow..." I do wonder what are the actions i would take having such knowledge and the implications it has. Therefore, I've just checked out my own personal death clock. Wanna know when i'm gonna pass on? Just click on the link. For those who prefer not to know or don't really bother, it's ok, maybe ignorance is bliss sometimes.

Back to my own rhetorical question. If I were to die tomorrow, what would i do? I guess if that was really the case, there is nothing much that i can do. This ain't a pessimistic view of my life. Rather, i think that since death is inevitable, y create a hoo ha over it? It's not like by doing something useful it'll make it a more meaningful death. Some people would say they'd take that chance to say how much they love their loved ones and show their affection in the limited time. Some people would get so scared and be at loss of what they would want to do. Some people will have regrets and try to repent for the sins they have committed throughout their life while some evil ones will definitely let the long suppressed darkness within them take control over and create chaos knowing well that this is their last chance to let loose their evil within on Earth. Me? Just gonna be another day. Shouldn't I at least try to tell my parents I love em considering the fact they have loved me for so long? Well i think i'd not do that. I'd rather let em think it is just another routine day then have them worry bout my change in behaviour. Had i not been capable of showing my parents my love for em in this 20 years of my existence i guess trying to show it to em in just one day is not doing my parents justice. For o the scarifices they've done for me, only three words of "I love you" or treating em to a posh restaurant for dat one day will never be enough to express my gratitude for em. What bout doing sth which i regret not doing? Well possible but highly unlikely. In just one day, if such a miracle is to happen then that's really something. Wait - i can be a suicidal maniac going around on a killing spree. Nar- I ain't dat crazy. For me, it'd be over d next day, for d victims and their families, their lives are ruined - a fate worse than death. Wat's d point of getting innocents killed? Anyway i believe in Karma - what goes around comes around ( Not Justin Kayutasik's song). Well first If... question related to death answered.

Second question "If I were to die tommorow, would anyone miss me?" Obviously i have no answer to this question as it is for those who know me to decide. For one, my family members will miss me and be grief stricken but eventually they'd move on i'm sure. What bout my friends? This i really ain't sure. To em, was i ever a close friend? Could they indulge their secrets to me? Could i be trusted? Then again i might not have made any impact on their lives at o. It'll appear as just another shock to em but when d day goes by, they'd move on n forget bout a person who's called Nick.

In d end, I'll never know bout o these till d day i meet My Creator. If u're reading this blog, would it make any difference to ya if i die? :)

Sunday, May 13, 2007

MALAYsia Boleh! ( MALAYsia Can!)

Penang bridge is falling down,
Falling down , falling down ,
Penang bridge is falling down,
My Fake Sammy.

My fear is that such a nursery rhyme would be sth taught to my kid by his kindergarten in the future. This has by far been the worst case of public fund abuse in my 20 years as a Malaysian. Lately, there have been numerous reports on the defects which had occured in Putra Jaya the administrative hub of Malaysia (Fellow neighbouring countries, don't worry, we're only a threat to ourselves). A few examples of the defects which have occured in Putra Jaya are the burst pipes, the fall of a ceiling in the court house and cracked walls. Now millions of ringgit have been poured into these mega projects or so they claim (or it may have gone into their own pockets??? Just AN ASSUMPTION and by NO means is it PROVEN TRUE) Having spent so much of the taxpayers' money, is this what we want to show the world during Visit Malaysia Year 2007 ( Yeah come visit Malaysia to find out for yourselves :D ) Now where is the logic in this? After having millions of ringgit spent to build these mega projects, the expectations are high but with so many defects, no heads have yet to roll. Even the Prime Minister was infuriated and ordered a thorough inspection of Public Works buildings by the Public Works Dept. And here comes the good part: the Guy with a toupee gave a quotation of RM22 million for the inspection of these buildings. Wah lau er, kei si lo... The defects in the buildings are so mind baffling that "so called experts" need to be hired to do the job? I always thought the slogan for Malaysia is "Malaysia Boleh!" wait - maybe they wanna show that Malaysia can hire these ppl who charge such a price. What bout the engineers in the Public Works Dept? Can't they fix it? Maybe they're not so patriotic as to have the "Malaysia Boleh" spirit instilled in them that's y v need to hire individuals who boleh fix the problem with such a high price. Then again, all these might be a show of the "Malaysia Boleh" spirit with the government being able to do as they whim and fancy. When questioned by a female Opposition MP regarding the leaks in the Parliament, they "wittily" replied that she "leaked" every month 2 and even managed to get off the hook for such a sexist remark. I'm amazed. Those guys really have "MALAYsia boleh" spirit in them. Since they are in the Gov, they boleh say anything they want. If u're in the Opposition, u're not "Malaysian" enough so u "tidak boleh". Try making some degratory remarks and u'll have yr name splashed across the major newspapers in Malaysia and keris wielding Mat Rempits showing up at your doorway. The Opposition leader have expressed his disappointment and stated it was a sad Mother's Day for all the women in Malaysia. I myself particularly pity the mothers of those two MPs. Sigh... With vision 2020's deadline nearnig us, i do hope that the "Malaysia Boleh" is interpreted in the correct sense and that my beloved country still have that fervent hope of making a name for itself in the global arena. Malaysia Boleh.

Guy ignored by GF (My friend) and Guy with no GF(Me)

Yea like the guy in the pic, my friend and I are of the bored generation. Lol. Readers of this article beware - make sure u're not of the weak hearted or ady feeling bored while reading this blog. Read this article which may potentially bore u to death at yr own risk, I will not be held liable for any casualties as a result of reading this article. Well like the dude in the pic, my fren and I totally spent the whole weekend very unproductively by wasting it away on games and food and shopping (Yeah two guys going to do window shopping - u know how bad it gets -.-"). The weekend started for us on a Fri. No more classes nor lectures ( Hip Hip Hurray! D thought of finally being able to finish off ASSignments this weekend turned to be just another dream: Yeah i'm blogging though i'm suppose to be doing my tutes or ASSignments, so sue me -.-" Back to Fri, finally got d game Live For Speed and HInokakera from my friend. Just played it a few times over his place and eventually i got so addicted to it I even transferred it to my laptop. On that night when both of us were suppose to finish burning d Naruto movies for sale, v ended up playing Hinokakera at my place - told ya it is an addictive game. Unlike most pc games where u need to think a lot or require high end graphics cards to play, this game offers pure action. A no brainer. All one needs to do is to read d move list of the characters in the game n voila. Run the game and whack and hack yr opponents to shreds :D The graphics are superb for a free game. The only thing bugging me is the fact some moves in the game are so damn hard to execute. Well both my friend and i spent hours fighting the AIs as well as each other. When v wanted to check out some of the cool moves used by the characters n none of our fingers are agile enough to execute that move, v entered watch mode and watched the AIs hacking each other tentatively like mindless zombies. Night came and the frogs in our tummies started croaking. Went to the Triangle and had KFC whoresome meals (guaranteed to make u feel like a whore). Wanted to go window shop but by d time v finished licking our fingers (hey it's finger licking good KFC v're talking bout here - another action which will make u feel like a whore) the shops were closing ady. Two guys ending up in d supermarket dept. Really sad case... Today... Well spent the day repeating the routine of Fri and Sat. A totally unproductive weekend for d both of us T.T Sigh... Two guys, no girl and no pizza place.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Shifting sands of time...

Time like the ever shifting sands of the desert never fail to change all those within its realm. Monuments and wonders built by the ancients have stood witness to the changing times yet they are eventually being changed by time as well. With such everlasting changes taking place as long as time is around, nothing stays eternal. As the genius Einstein put it, time is but a man made dimension. The only way we can tell if time have past is by observing the change in our surroundings and our lives. People always say that with time, the hurt will go away and time will heal the wounds of the heart. True as it may be to an extend but sometimes history tends to repeat itself. All the ghosts of the past try to return and haunt the present. Lately, it seems like my own memories of the past keep coming back to haunt me. As if caught in a never ending dream, reminders of the times bygone keep popping up bringing memories of the past with em - some sweet while others emotionally painful. I tend to wonder if such constant recurrences is some kinda divine hint of something of my past. Is it telling me that I have made a mistake and i should try and mend my mistakes else it's gonna haunt me for a long time? Truth to be told, such reminders of the past come in the form of a girl i just knew. Strange as it may seem as each individual on earth is suppose to be unique, she actually talks and behaves quite similarly to the person i'm trying to forget. However, I'm only seeing this girl as a normal friend and harbour no hopes that she is gonna be a replacement of any sort. Rather, the more i chat with her and all, the coincidences and the similarities are so many that one tend to forget who one is chatting with - the ghost of the past? or someone from the present? All these similarities have indeed been stunning but sadly they tend to remind me of the very girl i'm trying hard to forget. As quoted from the lyrics of the song Forever by Papa Roach, I can't forgive yet i can't forget either. Such a tragic conflict of inner voices. One is missing her like crazy yet another is condemning her and trying its best to paint the most evil picture of her and force her outta my head. All these dilemmas merely result in sleepless nights trying to figure out what the big dude up the sky is hinting by constantly reminding me of her. The only way for me to find a momentary peace is to turn on my music when i sleep. Is it only after i manage to clear things out and have a clear end to things that i can regain my peaceful sleep? Time shifted and things changed yet such memories still rear its head once in a while to remind me of her. Time can heal? What a farce. Will i mange to overcome my inner demons and forget my past? Only time will tell...