Sunday, November 11, 2007

Beautiful coincidence...

Most of the time i would accompany my post with a pic but not this time. Bro is gonna sit for his SPM (not PMS) so he decided to go for a hair cut and pray at the temple. Initially, i din wanna follow. Just when they stepped out d door, d tv flickered and turned off. Well i took dat as some kinda sign and decided to follow my bro.

At the hair salon, I saw a hairdresser. Boy... Is she gorgeous... Big watery eyes, oval shaped face.. Haha wish i've taken her pic and need not spend so much time describing. Well she looks familiar but i din dare to talk to her as she was cutting d hair of a little boy at dat moment. So i spent some time talking to my bro though i think my eyes were looking at her and my attention was focused at her while my bro babbled away.

After she finished trimming d boy's hair, she went to have sth to eat and sat there watching her her colleague cut my bro's hair. Chance came alas, but this is my life and things never run dat smoothly. Just when i've convinced myself to talk to her, my dad came in and started talking to me !!! T.T what a waste. Y can't he decide to have some father and son time at home???? :'(

Just before v left, I asked her if she was Amy. And yeah... She is Amy, my pre school sweet heart. Haha... no wonder such a beauty took my heart away at d tender age of 5 :P It's quite a pity i forgot to get her number. Even got chided by her colleague for only talking to her when v were bout to leave. Apparently she saw me b4 and still remember me but din dare start d conversation. Well most probably i have dat cold and distant look or d arrogant look :P On d way back to Kuching, the song "When will i see u again" was played on d radio and thus make me wonder when will i see her again. I dun think i need a hair cut and I've failed to convince my bro to have one. He won't even wanna perm it.

Gambate!!!! Next time I will definitely get her number and picture!!!


|e.v.e Believes no more| said...

u reli expert in 'recognising' pp!
gd luck to u *cough*

Arrancar said...

LOL... well if u 2 did recognize me in d first place y din u 2 start d conversation first ler??? :P and yeah i'll oways put on a cap if i'm short on time to do my hair.