Friday, November 22, 2013

How to stop Facebook Activity Log from Broadcasting

First and foremost that is for all the data mining done by Facebook. Most of you who want to stop Facebook from broadcasting your comments and likes would have problem figuring out how to disable them. Having had Facebook automatically share a porn link that I didn't like but did click on is making so furious. It's especially embarrassing when I have my mum and other workplace supervisors in my circle of friends. Although I managed to spot and delete it within minutes, I don't know how many of my friends were informed of my "Like" and "Share" within those few minutes. After suffering this harrowing experience and finding that most guides on the net does not exactly teach you how to stop Activity Log from broadcasting. I managed to play around with the privacy settings and find that the harm can be minimized with the change in the following privacy settings. It's easily done in 1-2-3 Steps!
Step 1: Select your profile by clicking Your name on the top. Then select the gear icon on the top right and select privacy settings.
Step 2: You will then be taken to the Privacy setting. From there you can select who can see your future posts. Select edit.
Step 3: Select the "Only Me" option. From now on, your posts will only be viewable by your by default. What if you want to camwhore and start sharing some slutty pictures or if you get philosophical and decide to post some words of wisdom? Good question.
Step 4 (Optional):After changing the privacy setting, you will be reminded that you are the only one that can see the post with the new settings. Fear not!
Step 5(Optional):After making sure it is indeed the post you want to share with your friends and family - yes... I'll stress that again - it's a post which you want to share with your FRIENDS and FAMILY, select the drop down box and select friends. Now your post are only viewable by you by default and other people can only see it if you decide to share it. Enjoy your secret fetishes without the privacy invasion by your friends and family! Actually I hold no responsibility for saying that and if FB decides to change these settings once again and you get caught in the act, just feel free to share the first picture in this post on Facebook.

Friday, November 8, 2013

New hobby

I can't believe it has been more than a year since I last wrote anything on this blog. Anyway too many things happened in the past year and luckily I had my friends and families with me so I need not pour all my sorrow into this blog. On a more positive note, I have taken up a new hobby - collecting SIC Kamen Rider figurines! Here are just some pictures that I'd like to share:
These are the pics of my first SIC. It's ZX from the Showa Era.
I recalled that I had a Diablo skull sitting in my shelf so I decided to pair these two figures together. I'm pretty happy with the effect. 
The addition of V3 and Riderman makes ZX a little less lonely. :P
My Black RX that had arrived a few days ago. I'm happy with this scene. 

Haha... My first post after a year and I can barely make any coherent sentences. I'll just let the pictures do the talking though I do know those pictures do not do the figurines justice. I really turning into an otaku :(