Saturday, May 24, 2008

A very Grim Thought

Maybe it's just me having one of those depressions but somehow recent events seem to suggest that maybe the end of the world is nearer than we think. I'm not a Christian and I may be wrong in the following interpretations so o u devout Christians feel free to correct me if I'm wrong. Following excerpts are copied and pasted from Wikipedia and edited with my ideas of how I think it all links together.

It is said that when Judgement Day is near, the Four Horsemen of Apocalypse will arrive on earth. These four horsemen are Pestilence, War, Famine and Death.

The White Horse (Pestilence) - the rider carries a bow with no arrows, is given a crown (symbolising a nonviolent rise to power). As the colour white seems to represent pureness and holiness in the Bible, there are interpretations that the first rider might be the Holy Spirit or even Jesus himself. The other interpretation is that it is the antichrist disguising himself as a symbol of holiness. This occurs to me that what if it is the latter? Lately I've been reading some articles and they seem to suggest that the Dalai Lama is not as we believe him to be. To some, he is a symbol of peace and righteousness yet to others he's one who spreads lies and rumours. I will not elaborate further and those who are interested can click on this link.

The Red Horse (War) - the rider wields a greatsword and the horse is red from the blood soaked in the battelfields. Well this seems like the ongoing wars in Iraq, Sudan, Israel and Palestine. Humans killing each other due to different ideologies.

The Black Horse (Famine) - well i don't really think i need to elaborate further for this one. The recent food supply shortages have already sparked riots in a few different countries. With the effects of global warming becoming more prominent, the yields of crops gets lower. While the rich in this world are throwing their food away, many others in this world are scavenging the lands just to survive the day. How unlikely is it that famine has yet arrive on Earth ???

The Pale/Green Horse (Death) - Unlike the other horses, this horse is pale and skinny. Its rider is none other than death. Well it might sound far fetched but the recent disasters be it man made or natural seem to have taken lotsa lives. 9-11, the 12 26 Tsunami, the Hurrican Katrina, Typhoon Nargis that hit Myanmar and the Quake in Si Chuan, China. All these seem to show that Death has indeed come and claim its victims.

Sad to say it seems like with these Four Horsemen arriving on Earth, the time is near. The sadder part of it all seems to suggest it is mankind that brought them here...

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A little question

Question: What links these together?? (Highlight the answer if you can't guess)

Answer: One is a Eurasian cutie d other is my cousin's cutie baby. First two shots are of Michelle trying on some clothes for pregnant women. She ain't pregnant. Just put on a fake tummy to help her friend of a friend try on some of those clothes. And ain't my cousin's baby cute? His name is Ashton... Seems like a mischievous boy like how my cousin used to be :D

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Food and tea in the Spring

Ok this is a page from the menu of Food and Tea in the Spring. Take a look at d fancy names of d drinks and imagine what a typical conversation would be like??? Well inspired by Mike's initial imaginary conversation with d waitress, this is what it might sound like in Mandarin.

Somebody :Xiao jie ke yi gei wo lang man qing huai(name of the green drink) mar???

Waitress : Ke yi. Wo hai ke yi gei ni re qing de wu ye (name of the orange drink in the top) ru guo ni neng gei wo tian tang zhi niao (name of the third drink in the top)... ;)

Somebody :Mei wen ti... Ni gei wo re qing de wu ye wo ke yi ba ta bian cheng huang jing sui yue(name of the mango drink). Zai na huang jing sui yue li wo ke yi ba ni dai dao shi wai tao yuan(Kiwi juice) ar qing chun xiao li (name of that final drink on the menu).

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Swinburne facilities...

Here are some things u can only get in Swinburne:

Tasty Nasi Lemak in Chilli Peppers. Trust me... D rice smells nice, d sambal tastes gr8...

Dedicated window cleaners. This is the 7th floor library btw and he has no safety equipment on. What dedication...

Rooftop tennis court with a gr8 scenery...

Hmm... I wonder what is this picture doing here :D

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Food Crisis Dilemma

If Shakespeare is living in these times, his famous quote would no longer have been "To be or not to be, that is the question." Instead, it's more likely to sound "To eat or not to eat, that is the question."

Lately, there has been a series of reports bout the food shortages. Coupled with rising prices of fuel d prices of food are definitely skyrocketing. Can't remember who said this but some important dude in the UN has said "The days of cheap food are over". For a food lover like me, this is definitely not music to my ears.

This is the irony of it all. Should i eat as much as i can while food is still considerably cheap ? Or do i actually eating less to prepare myself for the impending crisis if the food becomes a luxury??? I ain't an anti-US guy or anything but somehow it seems like most problems do start bcoz of them. First the war on Iraq has definitely got sth to do with the rise in the petroleum prices. OPEC predicts it might actually hit $200 per barrel !!! Then there is the whole thing bout biofuels. Bcoz US started to emphasize more on crops that can be used to produce biofuel, traditional crops are being sidelined causing a shortage in food supply. Sigh...

Anyway... With a growing waistline and a rising prices in food, should i eat or should i not eat???