Tuesday, November 20, 2007

If Life is a movie

An original production by Nick. Infringement of copyright will result in a voodoo curse, thai bomoh's black magic, or a Malay bomoh's jampi whichever u believe in.

If life is a movie, a perfect romance thriller would...

be longer running than Taiwanese drama.
have a much more complex plot and drama of a Spanish soap opera.

induce more tears than a Korean romance flick.
have more actions than a Chinese kung fu kick.

be much more erotic than a Japanese AV.
have more nonsense than you see on a Malaysian TV.

have more glamour than Hollywood.
have more dancing and singing than a Bollywood!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Should i press d panic button now???

Yupe this button looks very tempting to press. Yes once again i'd like to say it's d temptation which is too strong and it ain't coz my willpower is too weak. Exams are here once again. The perfect time for those who wanna panic to jump off buildings while yr friends are havin their exams so they'll pay attention to yr bloody corpse and fail their exams.

Maybe I have ady pressed the button but i have yet realised it. Finals start on Tuesday and i am here adding another worthless article to a blog where nobody reads. Think my psychiatrist might be right bout me being crazy.

Subjects to be tested on in d finals:
Human factors - well as long as i remember d key terms i can talk my way outta it right?
Sensors and actuators - no prob as long as i follow d rule "Monkey see Monkey do" as shown by Manas yg Ganas... I think..
Machine dynamics - Get d tips right and do the tutes. Not too hard i hope :P
Circuits and electronics analysis - Think i've done my fair share of practice so shouldn't be quite a problem.

Well wish me luck. If i manage to pass with flying colours and get some extra cash, I'll treat ya to a meal :)

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Beautiful coincidence...

Most of the time i would accompany my post with a pic but not this time. Bro is gonna sit for his SPM (not PMS) so he decided to go for a hair cut and pray at the temple. Initially, i din wanna follow. Just when they stepped out d door, d tv flickered and turned off. Well i took dat as some kinda sign and decided to follow my bro.

At the hair salon, I saw a hairdresser. Boy... Is she gorgeous... Big watery eyes, oval shaped face.. Haha wish i've taken her pic and need not spend so much time describing. Well she looks familiar but i din dare to talk to her as she was cutting d hair of a little boy at dat moment. So i spent some time talking to my bro though i think my eyes were looking at her and my attention was focused at her while my bro babbled away.

After she finished trimming d boy's hair, she went to have sth to eat and sat there watching her her colleague cut my bro's hair. Chance came alas, but this is my life and things never run dat smoothly. Just when i've convinced myself to talk to her, my dad came in and started talking to me !!! T.T what a waste. Y can't he decide to have some father and son time at home???? :'(

Just before v left, I asked her if she was Amy. And yeah... She is Amy, my pre school sweet heart. Haha... no wonder such a beauty took my heart away at d tender age of 5 :P It's quite a pity i forgot to get her number. Even got chided by her colleague for only talking to her when v were bout to leave. Apparently she saw me b4 and still remember me but din dare start d conversation. Well most probably i have dat cold and distant look or d arrogant look :P On d way back to Kuching, the song "When will i see u again" was played on d radio and thus make me wonder when will i see her again. I dun think i need a hair cut and I've failed to convince my bro to have one. He won't even wanna perm it.

Gambate!!!! Next time I will definitely get her number and picture!!!


Democracy - to many it's just a word meaning a system practised whereby there is election and voting. In actual fact, it is more than a word. It is a perspective. A perspective of the people on the future of their nation. In Malaysia, we have claimed that we practice a democratic system and the people have the power to choose the Government that best represents them. This is a claim most frequently used by the ruling government to claim that they have been given the mandate by the people to rule the nation as they have been in power since the country gained independence.

Most Malaysians who do not have the access to the internet might buy that story but what democracy is there in Malaysia when there is gerry-mandering involved in the elections? What's more, the Government has passed an Act which requires publication companies to renew a license every year. With this Act in place, the Government is practically in control of all the media. No news coverage is given to the opposition unless it's a negative one. Even campaigning permits are restricted. Without a leveled playing field, where is the essence of democracy?

10th November 2007 - A day that will be forever etched in my mind. A day when the Malaysian people stood up as one against all the injustice brought about. I honestly believe that the forefathers have the most sincere intentions to form the social contract to live in harmony and to go to greater heights as a nation. Sadly this social contract has been misinterpreted and the lies are spread. It was on 10th November 2007, Malaysians from all walks of life come together as one to push for an electoral reform. The four reforms demanded are:
  1. The use of indelible ink to prevent repeated voting.
  2. The prevention of ghost voting (actually it means ID theft by using IDs of the deceased to vote and it does not mean that the supernatural is rife in Malaysia with the deceased rising from the dead to vote).
  3. The abolition of postal voting.
  4. Equal access to the mainstream media by all political parties.

It was indeed a moment to be proud of. The space trip by a Malaysian cannot even compare to the feeling i felt from this rally. It is indeed true that the best things in life are free. To see how the divide and rule tactic used did not stop the people from going on as one to demand for their most basic rights - the right to have a fair and clean election. Personally i would say that moment was as significant as the moment our forefathers got together to demand Independence from the British Government. Such a rally did not cost the Government billions. All it took was the determination of the people in the country to achieve liberation. Despite the odds staked against them, with 4000 police personnels standing guard and using water cannons and tear gas to disperse the crowd.

The truth will prevail regardless. Here is a link to the al jazeera coverage on the rally http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FtQxwS0CfGs

My day started off gloomy too but i guess a smile from a waitress and this event did brighten up my day though i think the waitress was just trying to get me to eat at the food court. 10th November 2007 - a day i salute the TRUE HEROES of Malaysia and not a SPACE TOURIST :P