Friday, July 31, 2009


It is such an irony that another one of those "spiritual" politicians has just passed away. Somehow the way things are happening, it seems like the good guys are dying one after another. On the other hand, the so called corrupted and vile bunch of guys are still alive and kicking and basically kicking our asses... At times, I do wonder if this is life's tragic irony - for us to be forsaken from the Garden of Eden into this land we call home. If so, maybe that is why the good guys get called back to Paradise but we are here...

Thursday, July 30, 2009


My holidays are finally coming to an end... Sigh... Soon enough I'll be starting my final sem... Come to think of it... It's so scary how fast time flies by :( Once upon a time, I was just a noobie at uni :D And now I'm about to worry about my final year project and a job :(

Come to think of it, I really haven't done much these hols :( Sad to say, the idea of getting a one month practical din materialize. On a happy note, I've been playing my psp and got really good at Final Fantasy Dissidia. Apart from that, I even manage to (almost... Anytime now) to complete my Final Fantasy Tactics- War of the Lions :D

Haha... That's just it... Some stupid ramblings from a nerd :D Come to think of it, I've also been a tuition tutor for quite a few months now :D Gambate Sensei !!!