Monday, May 28, 2007

Disputable Champion???

Looking back, I've been debating for 2 years now. Skills... Well did improve over d years i think. Yesterday was the intra-swin debate competition for 2007. Though my team had been the champion for year 2006, I still needed to join as i have yet to represent my uni in the Yayasan Sarawak Debate Challenge Trophy. Last time i won it coz i think i'd teamed up with justin who is able to complemnt my skills of counter attacking with his facts n figures. This year, so as to make the competition a fair playing ground, the senior debaters could not partner each other n had to team up with someone else. I teamed up with a penang dude called Evans. Haha, v both make d spiky hair team :D With Evans, both of us are more towards d not-so-well-read but quite good at thinking on our feet type of people. The only drawback would be if we were to set up a case. The first time i debated together with Evans was on dat day itself but somehow d team dynamics was good. Maybe d spiky hair helped fine tune d frequency of it o :D Both of us had to go through 2 pre-lims and a semi b4 finally reaching d finals. Fate seemed to have a funny way to making history repeats itself. My team got closing gov (the same position which won me d trophy last year). N once again the debate itself was "messy". Did the same thing i did last year - tried my best to clear d mess. Well d results came out - once again my team is the Champion :D !!! But then d adjudicator gave the same reasoning for my win like last year. It was another below-average debate. No winners. Happened to win it as i ain't so much of an obvious loser :( Sigh... Two consecutive wins. Both not so glorious... The disputable Champion???

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Wave of sorrow

<- Like this dude on the right, i was suddenly swept over by a wave of sorrow for no apparent reason. Suppose to be a happy day for me. Earlier on, the people from the Yayasan Sarawa called to inform me that the contract for my scholarship is ready and i just need to collect it and sign it. Yupe, it's d prestigious Tunku Abdul Rahman Scholarship. With it, my course fees willl be covered. What's more, even d living expenses are covered by it as well. Even d bonds of the contract are very good. I can work for any company I want on the condition it is in Malaysia. So TAR scholarship = More money + Freedom of choice = Happyne$$ ?? Supposed so. Somehow it o just seemed so short-lived. After the euphoria has settled in, it just struck me I've no one to share my piece of good news with - well apart from my parents anyway. Maybe it is true. At times money just can't buy happiness.

Well night came soon enough. Even d games of DotA seemed to make my life more miserable. With 2 friends, V kept being pawned by mere AIs. Such an insult. A gloomy night with a shower, the perfect weather to match my mood. Sorrow, creeping in and seaping into my heart. Leaving nothing but a trail of sadness and emptiness behind. :(

Saturday, May 19, 2007

My Celebrity look-alikes.

Another boring day. Got so fed up of doing my assignments. Was browsing through other people's blogs and stumbled across this site called Used their face recognition technology and walah! Here is the result. Wonder why i bear more resemblances to female celebrities -.-" ? I guess this is the shortest article among all my posts. :)


If... At the moment with nothing better to do, a lot of questions popping into my mind especially the If... questions. One of the greatest If... questions I've never had any answer to would be "If i were to die tomorrow..." I do wonder what are the actions i would take having such knowledge and the implications it has. Therefore, I've just checked out my own personal death clock. Wanna know when i'm gonna pass on? Just click on the link. For those who prefer not to know or don't really bother, it's ok, maybe ignorance is bliss sometimes.

Back to my own rhetorical question. If I were to die tomorrow, what would i do? I guess if that was really the case, there is nothing much that i can do. This ain't a pessimistic view of my life. Rather, i think that since death is inevitable, y create a hoo ha over it? It's not like by doing something useful it'll make it a more meaningful death. Some people would say they'd take that chance to say how much they love their loved ones and show their affection in the limited time. Some people would get so scared and be at loss of what they would want to do. Some people will have regrets and try to repent for the sins they have committed throughout their life while some evil ones will definitely let the long suppressed darkness within them take control over and create chaos knowing well that this is their last chance to let loose their evil within on Earth. Me? Just gonna be another day. Shouldn't I at least try to tell my parents I love em considering the fact they have loved me for so long? Well i think i'd not do that. I'd rather let em think it is just another routine day then have them worry bout my change in behaviour. Had i not been capable of showing my parents my love for em in this 20 years of my existence i guess trying to show it to em in just one day is not doing my parents justice. For o the scarifices they've done for me, only three words of "I love you" or treating em to a posh restaurant for dat one day will never be enough to express my gratitude for em. What bout doing sth which i regret not doing? Well possible but highly unlikely. In just one day, if such a miracle is to happen then that's really something. Wait - i can be a suicidal maniac going around on a killing spree. Nar- I ain't dat crazy. For me, it'd be over d next day, for d victims and their families, their lives are ruined - a fate worse than death. Wat's d point of getting innocents killed? Anyway i believe in Karma - what goes around comes around ( Not Justin Kayutasik's song). Well first If... question related to death answered.

Second question "If I were to die tommorow, would anyone miss me?" Obviously i have no answer to this question as it is for those who know me to decide. For one, my family members will miss me and be grief stricken but eventually they'd move on i'm sure. What bout my friends? This i really ain't sure. To em, was i ever a close friend? Could they indulge their secrets to me? Could i be trusted? Then again i might not have made any impact on their lives at o. It'll appear as just another shock to em but when d day goes by, they'd move on n forget bout a person who's called Nick.

In d end, I'll never know bout o these till d day i meet My Creator. If u're reading this blog, would it make any difference to ya if i die? :)

Sunday, May 13, 2007

MALAYsia Boleh! ( MALAYsia Can!)

Penang bridge is falling down,
Falling down , falling down ,
Penang bridge is falling down,
My Fake Sammy.

My fear is that such a nursery rhyme would be sth taught to my kid by his kindergarten in the future. This has by far been the worst case of public fund abuse in my 20 years as a Malaysian. Lately, there have been numerous reports on the defects which had occured in Putra Jaya the administrative hub of Malaysia (Fellow neighbouring countries, don't worry, we're only a threat to ourselves). A few examples of the defects which have occured in Putra Jaya are the burst pipes, the fall of a ceiling in the court house and cracked walls. Now millions of ringgit have been poured into these mega projects or so they claim (or it may have gone into their own pockets??? Just AN ASSUMPTION and by NO means is it PROVEN TRUE) Having spent so much of the taxpayers' money, is this what we want to show the world during Visit Malaysia Year 2007 ( Yeah come visit Malaysia to find out for yourselves :D ) Now where is the logic in this? After having millions of ringgit spent to build these mega projects, the expectations are high but with so many defects, no heads have yet to roll. Even the Prime Minister was infuriated and ordered a thorough inspection of Public Works buildings by the Public Works Dept. And here comes the good part: the Guy with a toupee gave a quotation of RM22 million for the inspection of these buildings. Wah lau er, kei si lo... The defects in the buildings are so mind baffling that "so called experts" need to be hired to do the job? I always thought the slogan for Malaysia is "Malaysia Boleh!" wait - maybe they wanna show that Malaysia can hire these ppl who charge such a price. What bout the engineers in the Public Works Dept? Can't they fix it? Maybe they're not so patriotic as to have the "Malaysia Boleh" spirit instilled in them that's y v need to hire individuals who boleh fix the problem with such a high price. Then again, all these might be a show of the "Malaysia Boleh" spirit with the government being able to do as they whim and fancy. When questioned by a female Opposition MP regarding the leaks in the Parliament, they "wittily" replied that she "leaked" every month 2 and even managed to get off the hook for such a sexist remark. I'm amazed. Those guys really have "MALAYsia boleh" spirit in them. Since they are in the Gov, they boleh say anything they want. If u're in the Opposition, u're not "Malaysian" enough so u "tidak boleh". Try making some degratory remarks and u'll have yr name splashed across the major newspapers in Malaysia and keris wielding Mat Rempits showing up at your doorway. The Opposition leader have expressed his disappointment and stated it was a sad Mother's Day for all the women in Malaysia. I myself particularly pity the mothers of those two MPs. Sigh... With vision 2020's deadline nearnig us, i do hope that the "Malaysia Boleh" is interpreted in the correct sense and that my beloved country still have that fervent hope of making a name for itself in the global arena. Malaysia Boleh.

Guy ignored by GF (My friend) and Guy with no GF(Me)

Yea like the guy in the pic, my friend and I are of the bored generation. Lol. Readers of this article beware - make sure u're not of the weak hearted or ady feeling bored while reading this blog. Read this article which may potentially bore u to death at yr own risk, I will not be held liable for any casualties as a result of reading this article. Well like the dude in the pic, my fren and I totally spent the whole weekend very unproductively by wasting it away on games and food and shopping (Yeah two guys going to do window shopping - u know how bad it gets -.-"). The weekend started for us on a Fri. No more classes nor lectures ( Hip Hip Hurray! D thought of finally being able to finish off ASSignments this weekend turned to be just another dream: Yeah i'm blogging though i'm suppose to be doing my tutes or ASSignments, so sue me -.-" Back to Fri, finally got d game Live For Speed and HInokakera from my friend. Just played it a few times over his place and eventually i got so addicted to it I even transferred it to my laptop. On that night when both of us were suppose to finish burning d Naruto movies for sale, v ended up playing Hinokakera at my place - told ya it is an addictive game. Unlike most pc games where u need to think a lot or require high end graphics cards to play, this game offers pure action. A no brainer. All one needs to do is to read d move list of the characters in the game n voila. Run the game and whack and hack yr opponents to shreds :D The graphics are superb for a free game. The only thing bugging me is the fact some moves in the game are so damn hard to execute. Well both my friend and i spent hours fighting the AIs as well as each other. When v wanted to check out some of the cool moves used by the characters n none of our fingers are agile enough to execute that move, v entered watch mode and watched the AIs hacking each other tentatively like mindless zombies. Night came and the frogs in our tummies started croaking. Went to the Triangle and had KFC whoresome meals (guaranteed to make u feel like a whore). Wanted to go window shop but by d time v finished licking our fingers (hey it's finger licking good KFC v're talking bout here - another action which will make u feel like a whore) the shops were closing ady. Two guys ending up in d supermarket dept. Really sad case... Today... Well spent the day repeating the routine of Fri and Sat. A totally unproductive weekend for d both of us T.T Sigh... Two guys, no girl and no pizza place.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Shifting sands of time...

Time like the ever shifting sands of the desert never fail to change all those within its realm. Monuments and wonders built by the ancients have stood witness to the changing times yet they are eventually being changed by time as well. With such everlasting changes taking place as long as time is around, nothing stays eternal. As the genius Einstein put it, time is but a man made dimension. The only way we can tell if time have past is by observing the change in our surroundings and our lives. People always say that with time, the hurt will go away and time will heal the wounds of the heart. True as it may be to an extend but sometimes history tends to repeat itself. All the ghosts of the past try to return and haunt the present. Lately, it seems like my own memories of the past keep coming back to haunt me. As if caught in a never ending dream, reminders of the times bygone keep popping up bringing memories of the past with em - some sweet while others emotionally painful. I tend to wonder if such constant recurrences is some kinda divine hint of something of my past. Is it telling me that I have made a mistake and i should try and mend my mistakes else it's gonna haunt me for a long time? Truth to be told, such reminders of the past come in the form of a girl i just knew. Strange as it may seem as each individual on earth is suppose to be unique, she actually talks and behaves quite similarly to the person i'm trying to forget. However, I'm only seeing this girl as a normal friend and harbour no hopes that she is gonna be a replacement of any sort. Rather, the more i chat with her and all, the coincidences and the similarities are so many that one tend to forget who one is chatting with - the ghost of the past? or someone from the present? All these similarities have indeed been stunning but sadly they tend to remind me of the very girl i'm trying hard to forget. As quoted from the lyrics of the song Forever by Papa Roach, I can't forgive yet i can't forget either. Such a tragic conflict of inner voices. One is missing her like crazy yet another is condemning her and trying its best to paint the most evil picture of her and force her outta my head. All these dilemmas merely result in sleepless nights trying to figure out what the big dude up the sky is hinting by constantly reminding me of her. The only way for me to find a momentary peace is to turn on my music when i sleep. Is it only after i manage to clear things out and have a clear end to things that i can regain my peaceful sleep? Time shifted and things changed yet such memories still rear its head once in a while to remind me of her. Time can heal? What a farce. Will i mange to overcome my inner demons and forget my past? Only time will tell...

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Midnight Nasi Lemak Adventure

In the spiderman 3 article, i did write bout the internal struggle between d good spidey and his dark side. Who knew, just days after saying that, i'd be fighting in a similar battle? In a similar manner, this internal battle also unfolded on a stormy night. It was round 12.38 a.m. Phone rang, friend was ady in front my place to pass me the CDs. Then, he complained he was hungry. Well knowing well the feeling of dining alone, i decided to accompany my fren while he had his supper. I'd be drinking only, nothing bad would happen right ??? How wrong i was. There was a hawker centre nearby my place but there wasn't much to eat there, so v decided to go over to central park's siang siang where my fav nasi lemak stall is located. Having reached there, no good parking space could be found -_-" a sick me had to walk to the hawker centre in d rain ( bad enough that my illness is gonna be aggravated but there is more to come). Initially after ordering ice lemon tea, that friend of mine went to order kolo mee. Then, the c2pid me and my big mouth had to intro him to my fav nasi lemak stall. He took a look at d nasi lemak sold & ordered one. D B@$74R0 went to cancel his kolo mee. Right after that, his nasi lemak arrived. Aha! This is where the internal conflict of mine began. Knowing i've put on some weight lately i told myself i ain't gonna eat anything. What's more, i even had my supper of laksa earlier on. It was nothing. I can just ignore him and drink my ice lemon tea while watching my team - Arsenal play. But then, the aroma of the nasi lemak, the constant noise my fren made while eating the delicious looking nasi lemak was a very strong temptation. As if it is very stylish to eat slowly, dat B@$74R0 actually had to slowly chew his food while telling me how delicious the rendang of that nasi lemak is. I mean come on, even if yr food is delicious, u need not go on telling the world bout it right? Ahh... Finally, the time came when that fren of mine finished the first plate of nasi lemak. The ordeal or having to restrain myself from ordering the food i loved most is finally over. Imagine my relief. Lemme draw a parallel example of the temptation i felt when he was eating d nasi lemak. It was like having a naked porn star standing in front of u caressing herself while u're trying to abstain from sex. The agony of it. Well, my nasi lemak adventure over?! Nope. Dat B@$74R0 actually ordered a second serving. What an extreme nasi lemak fanatic. Who the hell would actually go out in the middle of the night and order two servings of nasi lemak??? (@_@") You've guessed it right. By then, the temptation was more than strong - it was like the porn star had pounced on me. I'm sure under such circumstances, not only me but all normal men would've given in to temptation ady. So i went over to nasi lemak stall with a heavy heart knowing i've lost my internal battle against the temptation of nasi lemak. The worse part is the mocking laughter coming from my friend... Sigh... Well i ordered a nasi lemak with fried chicken and additional curry gravy. When the guy from the stall sent the nasi lemak over, he was pretty shock to see dat my fren had ordered the second serving. I guess skinny guys like us can have a huge appetite. By the time v had finished our meals, the rain had stopped too. Obviously, the intense battle was over. The victor is obvious. In the end, all i can say is - my determination is not weak, it's just that the temptation was too strong :(

Wednesday, May 2, 2007


Chrysanthemum - the flowers used by the Chinese as an offering to the dead. Well, sadly i din get those when my aunt and i went to visit my grandpa's altar in the temple yesterday. It was my grandpa's 10th anniversary since his passing away. So many things have happened in this 10 years. Some were good while others just bring back sad memories. To be honest, i think it was also the first time in 10 years did i visit his altar. All these while, my family was living in Bintulu and not Kuching. Even when we came back to Kuching during the holidays it seemed to short to go and pay him respects - then again, maybe those are just all excuses. If we had wanted to i'm sure we could've gone even just for a short while. While i was offering my prayer, i couldn't help but felt that tears were bout to stream from the corners of my eyes. It's like just in a blink of an eye my beloved grandfather has left us for a decade already. Living with him during my childhood has really made an impact on me. I was his fav grandson though his was my maternal grandpa ( Most Chinese have this mentality that a son's child is more favorable than a daughter's son as the son's child will carry the family name.). I remember the days of him bringing me around the small town of Bau in his car. He'd bring me to the gold mine he worked in, the remote areas and in the afternoons, he'd bring me out for tea. Tea at the coffee shop was a simple cuppa milk tea and a few pieces of roti kahwin ( two pieces of bread spread with kaya and butter ). He'd tease me sometimes. At the time he passed away, I was only in primary four. That weekend i still remember talking to him on the phone. His last words to me was that he loved my bro n I the most amongst his grandchildren. Now, it has been 10 years. He always told me to make him proud by going to uni and get a good job. Now i've achieved part of what he wanted me to do. Without shame, i'd say i've done quite good in my studies and i'm sure he'd be proud of me had he been alive. Those ten years, so many things have changed. Both my brother and I have grown up, some relatives have passed away. I do reminisce the times had he been there to share my joy and my pain. I'd really wanna tell him I love you grandpa and i've made you proud. Maybe even as i'm typing this, he is watching over me as a guardian angel. Though i no longer am that little angel/devil i used to be, i'm sure he'd still loved me as much as he did. :'( I guess i feel bad bout having only paid my respects to him once in ten years. I'll continue living with his memories close to my heart and strive my best to make him proud.

Spiderman 3

Yeah! Spiderman 3 was finally shown in Malaysian cinemas yesterday. Suppose to go for a 2.30p.m. show but then again, it was Labours Day and parents brought their children to watch the supposedly final installment of the spidey series so tickets for the 2.30p.m. show was sold off around 1.30p.m. Poor me had to settle for d 3.3op.m. show. With an hour to kill i decided to go to Life Cafe and lim teh all by myself T.T... Well back to the topic. Spiderman 3 was indeed better than the previous two but somehow din quite meet my expectations. In the movie, each characters had a story to tell, but it wasn't really well developed (Can't really expect much with 2 hours 30 mins screen time i suppose). The two villains were not as interesting as the one within spiderman. Venom has indeed magnified the innermost and darkest nature of spiderman.
This is the one and only thing that makes the story interesting i guess. The battle by spiderman to overcome his ego, his feelings of animosity towards the sandman and his long suppressed wild side. One thing worth to note is that one of the surprises promised din really come out as a surprise to me as it became kinda cliche as the story unfolded. Well maybe it's just me another avid movie goer's problems of being able to predict some surprise as movies tend to use the same old gimmicks. With the interesting part being the battle within spidey, i think they might as well call it spytheman 3 since we're delving into his personality. Overall, i think the movie spiderman 3 is still worth the watch and almost anyone can relate to the battle within.