Monday, May 28, 2007

Disputable Champion???

Looking back, I've been debating for 2 years now. Skills... Well did improve over d years i think. Yesterday was the intra-swin debate competition for 2007. Though my team had been the champion for year 2006, I still needed to join as i have yet to represent my uni in the Yayasan Sarawak Debate Challenge Trophy. Last time i won it coz i think i'd teamed up with justin who is able to complemnt my skills of counter attacking with his facts n figures. This year, so as to make the competition a fair playing ground, the senior debaters could not partner each other n had to team up with someone else. I teamed up with a penang dude called Evans. Haha, v both make d spiky hair team :D With Evans, both of us are more towards d not-so-well-read but quite good at thinking on our feet type of people. The only drawback would be if we were to set up a case. The first time i debated together with Evans was on dat day itself but somehow d team dynamics was good. Maybe d spiky hair helped fine tune d frequency of it o :D Both of us had to go through 2 pre-lims and a semi b4 finally reaching d finals. Fate seemed to have a funny way to making history repeats itself. My team got closing gov (the same position which won me d trophy last year). N once again the debate itself was "messy". Did the same thing i did last year - tried my best to clear d mess. Well d results came out - once again my team is the Champion :D !!! But then d adjudicator gave the same reasoning for my win like last year. It was another below-average debate. No winners. Happened to win it as i ain't so much of an obvious loser :( Sigh... Two consecutive wins. Both not so glorious... The disputable Champion???

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