Wednesday, June 6, 2007

C++ anyone ???

#include \
#include \

using namespace std;

void C++ anyone??( )
string sentence="C++ anyone???";

cout<<"In my time in primary school, I've learnt the three main languages spoken by the people of Malaysia to interact with others. The three languages are English, Chinese and Malay."<
cout<<"Mastering these languages to interact with humans have been hard. Not only did I need to watch out for grammatical errors, I even had to watch out for the vocab in case the msg i conveyed had another meaning and offends people. "<
cout<<"After all the years spent learning those languages, I need to learn three new language once more in Uni. This time the three main languages that i'd need to learn are C-programming, C++ programming and Java language. (It's Java not Jawi). These are the languages needed to interact with computers. To be able to survive as a Mechatronics engineer i guess i have no choice but to master these languages as well as I'd be spending a hell lotta time with processors which function as the robot's brains."<

cout<<"My woes with C++ started with the assignment as shown in the above picture. Students are required to design a programme called Warrior Robot which has a Warrior Robot that is able to navigate its way from entrance to exit while avoiding collision with Random Bots."<

cout<<"Random bots? What Random Bots?? I dun c any Random Bots. Exactly. For God knows why, the Random Bot programme written by us can be compiled and built but sadly it just won't function. Adding in that module merely crashes the whole programme. The mockery by my previous lec still rings in my ears - the intelligence of the robot reflects the intelligence of the programmer. Now i feel like a retard."<

cout<<"To think that the presentation of the assignment was bad, it's not as bad when compared to my C++ lab test. During compilation, a few errors occurred. Worse thing is I've adhered to the rules of C++ syntax and can't exactly spot the error. Took me a little more than 15 minutes to write the programme but more than an hour to figure out the error. The error remains a mystery. My lec wasn't too sure bout the error too and in my frustration i raised my voice only to get a reply \"Y are u getting angry at me? It's d programme, not me.\" Sorry sir."<

cout<<"These languages seem to only frustrate me. Can't really be used when interacting with other humans,unless as Geeky pick-up lines."<

cout<<"Hi sexy, looking for someone cool?? I'm C++ooler than u can handle..."<\

cout<<"Hi hot babe, my java is hotter than lava and i'm gonna make u go googoogaga..."<\

cout<<"So that's C++ for ya."<<>

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