Friday, June 22, 2007

Glimpse of Heaven

At times we do ask ourselves where can we find our own safe haven. There are also times when we are at such a low point in our lives that we do wonder if God is out there. Somehow I personally believe that regardless of the religion one belongs to, there is only one God. He is always around, we only need to look for Him and we'll find him. From all the war raging on this earth and all the atrocities committed by mankind, one may be led to believe that Earth is a living Hell. It is but a matter of perspective. From the kindness one human shows to another in the face of disaster regardless of race or religion, i believe God is there smiling upon us. I have my share of low points in life. When i do start wondering if Heaven exists at o, i oways seem to find my answer. Trust me. Just look around and see the beauty of it all... In d evenings, after d rain... D sunlight which pierces through it shines down upon us light a ray from heaven guiding us towards it... Haha guess this is d closest i get to sounding spiritual in my blog though i tend to appear more like an atheist to ppl. I believe...

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