Monday, March 28, 2011

Zatch Bell

A great manga. Really hilarious at times and it can be a tear jerker at the same time. Best line from the manga - "I'd rather be a hippo than a lion." :) It made me realised how much of a foolish lion I had been...

Here's the link. Enjoy!!!

5 years from now...

Was chatting with a friend about how we would try to accomplish our dreams 5 years from now. Nothing fancy, just simple dreams. She continues to pursue her hobby of drawing which she has put down for quite some time while I get a full bike license and at least a 250cc bike. :) She told me probably she'd settle down in five years. I was a bit shocked that she'd say that but she mentioned our age and it dawned upon me that I'm no longer young... :/ Guess I really need to cherish whatever youth I have left... :)

Friday, March 25, 2011

Door to my heart...

An incident this afternoon made me realise that no matter how much time have passed, the people who once mattered to me still do. Maybe to them, I am but a stranger along their path but somehow they still manage to pull the strings of my heart. I suppose once I've invited someone into my heart, it is hard for me to let them go. People say time does make a person forget but how true is that saying? Maybe I am being selfish. Maybe I am being a coward. To better protect myself, I will just have to add more locks to the door leading to my heart...

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

8 meaningful quotes

Sorry that I am lazy to write much these days. Stumbled across 8 meaningful quotes and I just want to share it:

一、若愛,請深愛。放棄,請徹底。等待,本身就是一個錯誤......不要輕易放棄本不該放棄的,也不要固執的堅持不該堅持的。 二、看的開一點,傷的就會少一點.....一個人要是捨得讓你傷心,就根本不會在乎你是否流淚。所以趕緊收起你那卑微的淚水。洗洗臉、刷刷牙,該幹嘛就幹嘛去吧... 三、許多事情,總是在經歷以後才會懂得,如感情:錯過了,遺憾了,才知道其實生活並不需要這麽多無謂的執著...... 四、秋天,殘忍的季節,成熟不成熟的都要一同收割。一切都會在秋冬交替的剎那間隨風而逝,唯有那一泓鮮亮山溪般的記憶...永遠在我心中嘩嘩流動...... 五、珍惜手邊的幸福,不要等到失去以後才悔不當初,也許。你的一生也就只有那麽一個人會真正用心在你身上...... 六、人生就像一列車,車上總有形形色色的人穿梭往來。你也可能會在車上遇到很多有緣分的人,但當車停下來的時候,總會有人從人生這列車上上下下,當你下去的時候揮揮手,一轉身你能記住的只有回家的路...... 七、有的人你看了一輩子,卻忽視了一輩子。有的人你看了一眼,卻影響到你的一生。有的人熱情的為你而快樂,卻被你冷落。有的人讓你擁有短暫的開心,卻得到你思緒的連鎖。有的人一廂情願了N年,卻被你拒絕了N年...... 八、不要欠朋友太多東西,因為你可能永遠都沒有機會還他......經歷過的永遠不會從來擁有的只有回憶。朋友請珍惜身邊所擁有的一切吧!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Lessons I learnt from Beastly

1) Love is never ugly.
2) The ugliest outcast is always the prettiest girl in the whole movie.
3) Being rich is an excuse to be an ass because in the end, you can still redeem yourself somehow...
4) It is perfectly ok to kill someone and send your daughter to live with a stranger who looks like he's Freddy Krueger's long lost twin.
5) Love is real when girls fall for ugly looking guys but never the case for guys falling in love with ugly looking girls. (Ugly Betty doesn't count as she is falls in category no.2)

Watch the movie and experience all these lessons for yourself!!!