Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Finally found the answer I have been searching for... It is not an easy pill to swallow but I am sure it is the end of my torment... :)

Thursday, March 12, 2009


Two months... That is how long it has been... People always say memories will fade with time and maybe two months is too short a period but the recurring memories just keep coming back to haunt me... The once beautiful memories of yesterday are now the haunting nightmares of today...

It's such a torture... Awake and my mind keeps wandering off to where you are... When I sleep, you appear in my dreams... I guess what's an impossibility in reality is what is reflected in my dreams...

On the night before yesterday, I just vaguely remember i dream of you... I dunno y I can't recall what the dream was about no matter how hard I try. The only thing I recalled waking up in the morning was the pain in my heart... These days it is no longer a figure of speech but rather a physical pain that I can feel...

Today, you appeared again in my nap. It's funny as your hair was short... Somehow you were teasing me in my dream... Just like how it was in the memories I recall... It was all very lucid and real... The heavy feeling of sadness sunk my heart when I woke up all alone and realized that you're gone... :(

I had always been a loner before I met you. Alone but never felt lonely...
These days as I slowly pick up the pieces of my life again, somehow some things just don't feel right anymore... Just need to get these off my chest... People say move on and I wonder if I am moving on by living my life... Maybe I am living just to find a purpose at the moment...

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Monday, March 9, 2009

Take a pick

Below is an article I came across and I will just do an English translation for the main points.

Why do good guys always lose out the bad boys when it comes to girls?


Characteristics of a bad boy: Shameless, brave, good at lying, not bounded by moral values, highly flirtatious, anything can come after having a taste of d cheery :P



Good guys have limited targets. Before they even think about tackling a girl, a lot of things come to mind. Does d girl meet his requirements, is she mature, does she have a boyfriend, what are the future prospects...

Bad boys don't care too much. All that matters? Whether or not the girl is hot. The rest can wait...


Good guys are just too bloody honest. If they have no money, they'll just say so and if the girls ask for opinions, they are pretty straightforward with it. Obviously, this will be quite upsetting for most girls. As for the bad boys, it does not take so much of an effort to make up an impressing story. Nevermind if it is real. As long as the words capture the girl's heart, anything goes.

In this ever changing society that we are living in, the efforts put in by the good guys can never match the breath taking stories made up in 3 minutes by the bad boys.


Good guys tend to respect. Bad guys will know how to get to a girl's heart through alcohol, dance and he will definitely get into her pants in the first given opportunity. :) Once the girls are aroused, loving such a guy won't be such a hard thing to do.

One love making session with a bad boy is so much more than the efforts put in by the good guys time and again. Stupid girls think that guys who had sex with them will love them and more stupid ones think that they have to love the guys who had sex with them.


Good guys tend to take things too seriously and tend to argue over small matters. For bad boys? It's just a game, what's the big deal about apologizing? As such, they are seen as the more compromising and understanding individuals.


Bad boys will definitely have more experiences in dating than the good guys. As long as he tries to tackle, it is already an experience. With experience, the bad boys will have a better understanding of girls.

Bad boys know how to package themselves to look ideal. Good guys do not even know that it is the small mistakes they have made that cost them the relationship.


When there is an argument, the good guys don't usually compromise on their principles. And most of the time, this is the cause of a break up.

As for the bad boys, they do not mind apologizing since lying is so much easier. As such, it is easier to win back the girl's heart. If he gets tired of his play things, anything can be an excuse for a break up.


Good guys tend to have principles and be very routine. As a result, they are seen as boring and totally unattractive. Bad boys? Well since it is all a game, variations are needed and the main aim is to keep it exciting. What more should i say?


When the girls find that both are no longer suitable for each other, they will ask for a break up. the good guys tend to take the moral high road and the effectiveness of this choice is limited. As for the bad boys, anything goes - constant harassment, temptation and some may even resort to threats. Girls are highly emotional and sometimes, it is just these tactics that work.

So what is your choice? :)

Monday, March 2, 2009

First Day of the Final Year

Alas, today is the first day of my final year in uni. I was looking forward to a day when o went smooth but things will never happen the way we want them to be :(

So I am lucky enough to have a class that only starts at 2.30p.m. Slept till 11.49am and woke up to a not so good morning. Not long after, did a routine mail check and what not but my friends were ady on their way to pick me up. I thought that putting on contact lenses would be a breeze on the third day but who knew it took so much longer than I had expected? In the end I was left with no choice but to only put on one. Actually that was kinda a stupid choice. I was so dizzy with a clear vision on one side and extremely poor one on the other. Did not even bring anything... Slipped on my slippers and I was outta d house...

In uni... Sigh.. Why bother to call the subjects elective subjects when we do not have any other available options? It is so FUCKING ridiculous. :( I do not even wanna go into the details of this stupid ordeal...

First day... Well, hope things will pick up...