Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Hip Hop Shaolin Monk

That is what Sam called me when he saw what i did to my hair.

Strange huh when how some weird ideas just pop into ppl's head during lectures. Went to have my hair shaved in one of the hairdressing shops in Saberkas. Initially i wanted to add the stripes in the shop but apparently even d boss isn't skillful enough to shave the stripes. What to do? Had to ask around a few hair salons. Some don't even offer this service. For those that do, it seems like only their boss can do it...

Hehe... Morning - long hair... Afternoon - this hair... I just love the looks on people's face :D

Monday, April 21, 2008

Boots Trouble

Sigh... Been quite a while since i updated my blog. Oh well this is sth i find quite amusing.

Lately i don't even know what kinda stupid luck that is that i constantly run into this "Boots Girl". Hmm... Who is "Boots Girl" you may ask. Well I've no freaking idea who she is too but from d constant meeting, my guts tell me she thinks i'm a stalker.

Yupe... :( How did it all started? Well one day my fren and i were in d lib and we were fooling around with other ppl's pc content via wireless. So v had a good time laughing. Who knew this girl with the bright green boots walked past and v saw her. Well v were still laughing but apparently she thought we were laughing at her :(

Anyhow, that doesn't quite explain the weird part of this story. Seems like for these few weeks i dunno y i constantly bump into her. Be it 7th floor lib or a freaking night class, every corner i turn, it seems like "Boots Girl" is nearby. Heck... Even I myself am feeling paranoid. I think she noticed the weird trend too and somehow might have developed this idea that i'm a stalker.

Sigh... If there is indeed such a misunderstanding do hope to clear it ASAP. Anyway if any of you are frens of "Boots Girl" tell her I wasn't laughing at her boots and she looks cute.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

My Inggelish R Ok Ok lar...

Juz a few X-zamples of what I mean:

"Hey there. U are fat lar... I think u need to get some circumcise."

"Dun feel so castrated. There is a yin lining behind each crowd."

"Aiyo. Y are u so licky ar??? Buy TOTO strike FIRST price?"

"Malaysia-Boleh. They have Oral B. We have Oral Me!!!"

Friday, April 4, 2008

Engineers are horny

Engineers are basically horny creatures by nature. They always disguise themselves as humans but in actual fact, they only wanna "fix" you. If you look hard enough, you can even see their horns. Yes... They are that horny. Just so you can shed your misconception that engineers are benevolent beings who fixes yr problems, allow me to give u an idea of their technical jargons.

This is a shaft. Any long rounded beams are called shaft by engineers. Usually they are graded by their strength and their ability to withstand pressure.
This is a bearing. How to use it? Well basically a shaft is inserted to it. During operations, it is suppose to reduce friction. When two surfaces come into contact and are rubbing against each other in high speed, it'll create heat and u'd see smoke coming outta it. Therefore, the bearing and the shaft needs to be LUBRICATED often.

What is the item used to contain the lubricants which engineers squirt onto the bearing and shaft? It is called a NIPPLE !!! Don't believe me? Go look for the definition of nipple.

Well those are for mechanical engineers. What bout electronics and electrical engineers? They are engineers too and for sure they are horny.

This is the picture of a port.
This is a serial cable with pins. There are other technical terms for the pins and the ports. One is called the male, the other is called the female. Between the pin and the port, which is the male and which is the female??? The male cable is suppose to be inserted into the female. Take a guess...

Just one question. What do you do when your girlfriend starts smoking??? Wanna know d answer???
Highlight the next line.
Start lubricating her...

Say it loud, say it loud, i'm gonna be an engineer and i'm proud !!!