Sunday, May 13, 2007

Guy ignored by GF (My friend) and Guy with no GF(Me)

Yea like the guy in the pic, my friend and I are of the bored generation. Lol. Readers of this article beware - make sure u're not of the weak hearted or ady feeling bored while reading this blog. Read this article which may potentially bore u to death at yr own risk, I will not be held liable for any casualties as a result of reading this article. Well like the dude in the pic, my fren and I totally spent the whole weekend very unproductively by wasting it away on games and food and shopping (Yeah two guys going to do window shopping - u know how bad it gets -.-"). The weekend started for us on a Fri. No more classes nor lectures ( Hip Hip Hurray! D thought of finally being able to finish off ASSignments this weekend turned to be just another dream: Yeah i'm blogging though i'm suppose to be doing my tutes or ASSignments, so sue me -.-" Back to Fri, finally got d game Live For Speed and HInokakera from my friend. Just played it a few times over his place and eventually i got so addicted to it I even transferred it to my laptop. On that night when both of us were suppose to finish burning d Naruto movies for sale, v ended up playing Hinokakera at my place - told ya it is an addictive game. Unlike most pc games where u need to think a lot or require high end graphics cards to play, this game offers pure action. A no brainer. All one needs to do is to read d move list of the characters in the game n voila. Run the game and whack and hack yr opponents to shreds :D The graphics are superb for a free game. The only thing bugging me is the fact some moves in the game are so damn hard to execute. Well both my friend and i spent hours fighting the AIs as well as each other. When v wanted to check out some of the cool moves used by the characters n none of our fingers are agile enough to execute that move, v entered watch mode and watched the AIs hacking each other tentatively like mindless zombies. Night came and the frogs in our tummies started croaking. Went to the Triangle and had KFC whoresome meals (guaranteed to make u feel like a whore). Wanted to go window shop but by d time v finished licking our fingers (hey it's finger licking good KFC v're talking bout here - another action which will make u feel like a whore) the shops were closing ady. Two guys ending up in d supermarket dept. Really sad case... Today... Well spent the day repeating the routine of Fri and Sat. A totally unproductive weekend for d both of us T.T Sigh... Two guys, no girl and no pizza place.

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