Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Spiderman 3

Yeah! Spiderman 3 was finally shown in Malaysian cinemas yesterday. Suppose to go for a 2.30p.m. show but then again, it was Labours Day and parents brought their children to watch the supposedly final installment of the spidey series so tickets for the 2.30p.m. show was sold off around 1.30p.m. Poor me had to settle for d 3.3op.m. show. With an hour to kill i decided to go to Life Cafe and lim teh all by myself T.T... Well back to the topic. Spiderman 3 was indeed better than the previous two but somehow din quite meet my expectations. In the movie, each characters had a story to tell, but it wasn't really well developed (Can't really expect much with 2 hours 30 mins screen time i suppose). The two villains were not as interesting as the one within spiderman. Venom has indeed magnified the innermost and darkest nature of spiderman.
This is the one and only thing that makes the story interesting i guess. The battle by spiderman to overcome his ego, his feelings of animosity towards the sandman and his long suppressed wild side. One thing worth to note is that one of the surprises promised din really come out as a surprise to me as it became kinda cliche as the story unfolded. Well maybe it's just me another avid movie goer's problems of being able to predict some surprise as movies tend to use the same old gimmicks. With the interesting part being the battle within spidey, i think they might as well call it spytheman 3 since we're delving into his personality. Overall, i think the movie spiderman 3 is still worth the watch and almost anyone can relate to the battle within.

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