Sunday, April 29, 2007


Gloomy is how i feel at d moment. Thinking bout the kinda decisions i have made and the actions i have made in the past i could not help feeling a little bit of regret. Once everything seemed all so rosy and beautiful but now after showing their ugly heads they just seem so fake. The song i would love to listen to at the moment would most probably be Frank Sinatra's "I did it my way". Quote from the lyrics: Regrets I had a few but too few to mention. Maybe the decisions i made really did not produce the kinda outcome i had expected but at least i did something. This is my only consolation from the mistakes i made. Rather than sitting there and doing nothing while waiting for something to happen, at least i did something to influence the outcome. Had i not taken any actions the outcome might have turned out to be the same as well. This would only add more to my regrets as i could have done something. One good example is one which happened earlier this year. For the sake of chasing a romantic dream i made a wrong choice and failed to see a near perfect girl near me and decided to go for one who is far away yet so unreal. When i woke up from this foolish dream my chance was already gone. But good for d girl she found herself a gr8 bf. I wish dat she will have a happy ending with him. I guess chances in this life only come once. If it is not treasured it'll just slip away. Yupe. That's it. I had at least tried to do something with my life. When the day comes for me to say good bye to this world i guess i won't have that many regrets knowing i have tried to do something on my part. Regardless of the outcome, I have took it in my own hands to play a part in shaping my own destiny. Hopefully, the actions and these feelings of regrets i have at d moment won't linger too long. :D

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