Saturday, April 14, 2007

First Blood

Yupe. Just drawn first blood on blogging with this post. First blog created. Well the idea of naming my post first blood came mainly from DotA (yeah i'm a DotA addict) and my fascination with vampires. Lately, with too much free time in hand, i've started following the manga entitled "Hellsing". Quite a nice manga with sadistic killing scenes by the "good bad vampire" Alucard. D story pretty much goes like this - lunatic survivors of the Nazi Last Battalion trying to create artificial vampires to proclaim a second war against humanity and Integra Hellsing (a descendent from Dr. Abaraham Hellsing) stopping em with her pet vampire Alucard ( the same old Dracula Dr. Abraham Hellsing staked in Dracula). Oh yeah along the way u get the usual fanatical Vatican Paladins who get in the way trying to sneak in a sucker punch to those two organizations - u get d picture... Well, the most appealing aspect of this manga is the part whereby the protagonists are able to kill when they need to unlike some sissy manga whereby every protagonist is a goody-two -shoes and won't kill even if their own lives are in danger (I call that pure stupidity not kindness). Oh well, that's all for a first post. Anypne who is intrigued by the story of "Hellsing" and feel like being part of the killing spree in it, i present to thee "Hellsing". Enjoy!

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