Sunday, April 22, 2007


<-- Cosplay Dude? Nope. I know i may have been a little bit slow in commenting bout this but i guess it is never too late. As most of you may or may not have known, this guy in the pic gunned down 32 students in Virginia Tech. b4 committing suicide. After this gruesome massacre, it is only then that ppl begin to take notice of him. At times i do wonder y is it that when sth like this occurs, the blame always falls on the shooter. It maybe true that the shooter could have chosen better alternatives to voice out his frustration to the world, but most of the time, the world has failed to listen to these people. IMHO, the society is at fault when a tragedy such as this occurs. What are the kind of perspectives have the society instilled in these murderers? Did they happen to go nuts n just went on a killing spree just because they have a knack for violence? Had the society been ready to listen to their pleas for help it would have been totally different. It is such an uncaring society that v live in these days that ppl who need attention need to take drastic measures such as going on a killing spree just to get the world to listen to their story. The world will never stop spinning for anyone but the society can stop to listen to the pleas of those in need b4 they've decided to forsake their own humanity as the society no longer have no humanity left to care for em. A person who has no more tears to shed has forsaken their humanity. By all means, i'm not saying the killers are heroes. It's just that at times they might have been a victim as well. This Korean student who killed the 32 students in VT, had been diagnosed with mental problems b4. Knowing he had such a condition, the lecturers and the uni still failed to take preventive measures just shows how sometimes some ppl are pushed to the limits. Are crazy ppl really crazy as v c em? I guess not. It's just that their logic of how things work is different from ours. In the Asian society, v have yet to hear of such gruesome killings by students yet but maybe it is just a matter of time. Firearms are hard to come by unlike in the US. No shootings doesn't mean v do not have such people amongst us. While coping up with the fast pace of life, maybe the society should just stop by at times to listen to the frustrations of its members. At least, with a little more attention and care shown, lives could be saved. By not listening, v have the blood of the victims stained on our hands... My deepest condolences to the families of the victims in the shooting. More reports on the killings.

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