Thursday, April 26, 2007


Luck. Some people believe in it. Others scoff at the very idea of it. I personally fall into the category of people who believe in it. Call me superstitious and tell me all the events that happened were purely coincidental but let me ask you this - what are the chances of so many coincidences occurring at the same time? Strangely it has been such occurrences of so many events which could have been attributed to luck at which i do not doubt its existence. One of the part in which luck plays a major role would be the seemingly inversely proportionate relationship between my academic achievement and the ladies' charm. Strangely it seems that there can never be such an instance when these two can co-exist. Last sem's result plummeted while d luck with the ladies seemed to soar. When i thought everything would have finally worked out, my luck took a 180 degrees. Inversely, it seems like these days i'm shunned by people. I don't even know what the hell i did or i said to offend them. Feels like a new hunchback of Notre Dame these days. Don't even bother to wait for time to pass at the lobbies. Instead, i'd be on the 8th floor of my uni doing my own stuff while waiting for d first class to commence. However, worth noting is that with d apparent plunge in my luck with d ladies, my luck in my studies soared. Seems like i've been able to have near perfect marks for the few tests which i had this sem. Well i guess this something worth being happy about ?? :P Anyone who knows where i can find a 4 leave clover in Kuching?

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