Saturday, April 21, 2007

Tired :(

Tired is what i feel these days. Suppose to be having a break to have a good rest and to catch up on my tutes but sadly that was not the case. Tied to my obligations for the debaters' club, I had to go back to uni from mon to fri. What's worse is that i go around 6 sth in d morning n only get home round 11 sth at night :( *sigh* sometimes did really wish that at the end of the day, there'd be someone special waiting for me, telling me everything is gonna be ok, giving me the strength to move on. But then again, i guess it will never be possible :( Just have myself to rely on, getting through everyday to prove to the world it can't get me down on my knees. It's been such a tiring week i din even have the energy to update this newly created blog. Finally the competition ended yesterday. Haha... Only then had this feeling of emptiness that o my hard work has finally come to an end. But it was one of the participants' comment which made me think it wasn't so bad after o n it was o worthwhile! Her comment was that after joining this competition hosted by my club she din really feel like joining the one hosted by the education dept. :D As this comp was my brainchild last year, such a statement was indeed taken as the best compliment d(^O^ )b What's more. I've heard of much hostility between schools when it comes to competition but having seen that most of the participants mingled well among each other and made new friends in this competition it felt really good. Guess I wasn't doing o d work for nth after o :D Wanna check out more on the event? Here you go : World Schools Debating Championship 2007.

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