Saturday, April 28, 2007


The world seems to be so fake with everyone putting on a mask. Regardless of how they really feel or what they believe in, people tend to just put on a mask and fake it to suit into the so called normal society. Humans made the rules, rules are the ones to be manipulated not us. Why should anyone of us hide our real identities behind a mask just to conform with the expectations of others? It has been so sickening in my opinion that just to pretend to be someone they are not in real lives some losers actually resort to take up a different identity on the internet and even use other people's photos just to run away from reality. I know i may sound like a hypocrite but i have my fair share of putting on a mask just to blend into the crowd. At times it was fun pretending I am someone else as it can put my persuasion skills to the test. At times it does come as an achievement to be able to fool some people and feels great to be a liar. It's like telling lies with such conviction and a straight face that most people would actually think I was talking to them from the bottom of my heart. At other times, when I do really give my opinions i make it look fake and people would just take it as a joke. At times I do wonder which is the real me. Am I a liar? Maybe... Or it could just be that i do not want others to understand me well. At least it'll take people sometime to figure out if i am a friend or a foe. But lately, it has been so tiring already. Knowing how it feels like to have been fooled, I feel so tired of putting on a mask i call a face. I no longer care if people want to think that i am a fucker or an arsehole. It's their opinion. Opinions of those i do not care do not matter anyway. Sometimes I wonder how many real friends i truly have. Is everyone just someone with a mask on? But still i guess i have enough faith in some of those people who i call my best pals to not betray me. That is the only consolation that i can get these days when i happen to bump into an obstacle in life. If we do walk out to the streets and we can tell if people are wearing a mask, i wonder how many impostors will we run into? Life's fake, get real!

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