Sunday, May 6, 2007

Midnight Nasi Lemak Adventure

In the spiderman 3 article, i did write bout the internal struggle between d good spidey and his dark side. Who knew, just days after saying that, i'd be fighting in a similar battle? In a similar manner, this internal battle also unfolded on a stormy night. It was round 12.38 a.m. Phone rang, friend was ady in front my place to pass me the CDs. Then, he complained he was hungry. Well knowing well the feeling of dining alone, i decided to accompany my fren while he had his supper. I'd be drinking only, nothing bad would happen right ??? How wrong i was. There was a hawker centre nearby my place but there wasn't much to eat there, so v decided to go over to central park's siang siang where my fav nasi lemak stall is located. Having reached there, no good parking space could be found -_-" a sick me had to walk to the hawker centre in d rain ( bad enough that my illness is gonna be aggravated but there is more to come). Initially after ordering ice lemon tea, that friend of mine went to order kolo mee. Then, the c2pid me and my big mouth had to intro him to my fav nasi lemak stall. He took a look at d nasi lemak sold & ordered one. D B@$74R0 went to cancel his kolo mee. Right after that, his nasi lemak arrived. Aha! This is where the internal conflict of mine began. Knowing i've put on some weight lately i told myself i ain't gonna eat anything. What's more, i even had my supper of laksa earlier on. It was nothing. I can just ignore him and drink my ice lemon tea while watching my team - Arsenal play. But then, the aroma of the nasi lemak, the constant noise my fren made while eating the delicious looking nasi lemak was a very strong temptation. As if it is very stylish to eat slowly, dat B@$74R0 actually had to slowly chew his food while telling me how delicious the rendang of that nasi lemak is. I mean come on, even if yr food is delicious, u need not go on telling the world bout it right? Ahh... Finally, the time came when that fren of mine finished the first plate of nasi lemak. The ordeal or having to restrain myself from ordering the food i loved most is finally over. Imagine my relief. Lemme draw a parallel example of the temptation i felt when he was eating d nasi lemak. It was like having a naked porn star standing in front of u caressing herself while u're trying to abstain from sex. The agony of it. Well, my nasi lemak adventure over?! Nope. Dat B@$74R0 actually ordered a second serving. What an extreme nasi lemak fanatic. Who the hell would actually go out in the middle of the night and order two servings of nasi lemak??? (@_@") You've guessed it right. By then, the temptation was more than strong - it was like the porn star had pounced on me. I'm sure under such circumstances, not only me but all normal men would've given in to temptation ady. So i went over to nasi lemak stall with a heavy heart knowing i've lost my internal battle against the temptation of nasi lemak. The worse part is the mocking laughter coming from my friend... Sigh... Well i ordered a nasi lemak with fried chicken and additional curry gravy. When the guy from the stall sent the nasi lemak over, he was pretty shock to see dat my fren had ordered the second serving. I guess skinny guys like us can have a huge appetite. By the time v had finished our meals, the rain had stopped too. Obviously, the intense battle was over. The victor is obvious. In the end, all i can say is - my determination is not weak, it's just that the temptation was too strong :(

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