Saturday, May 26, 2007

Wave of sorrow

<- Like this dude on the right, i was suddenly swept over by a wave of sorrow for no apparent reason. Suppose to be a happy day for me. Earlier on, the people from the Yayasan Sarawa called to inform me that the contract for my scholarship is ready and i just need to collect it and sign it. Yupe, it's d prestigious Tunku Abdul Rahman Scholarship. With it, my course fees willl be covered. What's more, even d living expenses are covered by it as well. Even d bonds of the contract are very good. I can work for any company I want on the condition it is in Malaysia. So TAR scholarship = More money + Freedom of choice = Happyne$$ ?? Supposed so. Somehow it o just seemed so short-lived. After the euphoria has settled in, it just struck me I've no one to share my piece of good news with - well apart from my parents anyway. Maybe it is true. At times money just can't buy happiness.

Well night came soon enough. Even d games of DotA seemed to make my life more miserable. With 2 friends, V kept being pawned by mere AIs. Such an insult. A gloomy night with a shower, the perfect weather to match my mood. Sorrow, creeping in and seaping into my heart. Leaving nothing but a trail of sadness and emptiness behind. :(

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