Sunday, May 13, 2007

MALAYsia Boleh! ( MALAYsia Can!)

Penang bridge is falling down,
Falling down , falling down ,
Penang bridge is falling down,
My Fake Sammy.

My fear is that such a nursery rhyme would be sth taught to my kid by his kindergarten in the future. This has by far been the worst case of public fund abuse in my 20 years as a Malaysian. Lately, there have been numerous reports on the defects which had occured in Putra Jaya the administrative hub of Malaysia (Fellow neighbouring countries, don't worry, we're only a threat to ourselves). A few examples of the defects which have occured in Putra Jaya are the burst pipes, the fall of a ceiling in the court house and cracked walls. Now millions of ringgit have been poured into these mega projects or so they claim (or it may have gone into their own pockets??? Just AN ASSUMPTION and by NO means is it PROVEN TRUE) Having spent so much of the taxpayers' money, is this what we want to show the world during Visit Malaysia Year 2007 ( Yeah come visit Malaysia to find out for yourselves :D ) Now where is the logic in this? After having millions of ringgit spent to build these mega projects, the expectations are high but with so many defects, no heads have yet to roll. Even the Prime Minister was infuriated and ordered a thorough inspection of Public Works buildings by the Public Works Dept. And here comes the good part: the Guy with a toupee gave a quotation of RM22 million for the inspection of these buildings. Wah lau er, kei si lo... The defects in the buildings are so mind baffling that "so called experts" need to be hired to do the job? I always thought the slogan for Malaysia is "Malaysia Boleh!" wait - maybe they wanna show that Malaysia can hire these ppl who charge such a price. What bout the engineers in the Public Works Dept? Can't they fix it? Maybe they're not so patriotic as to have the "Malaysia Boleh" spirit instilled in them that's y v need to hire individuals who boleh fix the problem with such a high price. Then again, all these might be a show of the "Malaysia Boleh" spirit with the government being able to do as they whim and fancy. When questioned by a female Opposition MP regarding the leaks in the Parliament, they "wittily" replied that she "leaked" every month 2 and even managed to get off the hook for such a sexist remark. I'm amazed. Those guys really have "MALAYsia boleh" spirit in them. Since they are in the Gov, they boleh say anything they want. If u're in the Opposition, u're not "Malaysian" enough so u "tidak boleh". Try making some degratory remarks and u'll have yr name splashed across the major newspapers in Malaysia and keris wielding Mat Rempits showing up at your doorway. The Opposition leader have expressed his disappointment and stated it was a sad Mother's Day for all the women in Malaysia. I myself particularly pity the mothers of those two MPs. Sigh... With vision 2020's deadline nearnig us, i do hope that the "Malaysia Boleh" is interpreted in the correct sense and that my beloved country still have that fervent hope of making a name for itself in the global arena. Malaysia Boleh.

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