Sunday, November 18, 2007

Should i press d panic button now???

Yupe this button looks very tempting to press. Yes once again i'd like to say it's d temptation which is too strong and it ain't coz my willpower is too weak. Exams are here once again. The perfect time for those who wanna panic to jump off buildings while yr friends are havin their exams so they'll pay attention to yr bloody corpse and fail their exams.

Maybe I have ady pressed the button but i have yet realised it. Finals start on Tuesday and i am here adding another worthless article to a blog where nobody reads. Think my psychiatrist might be right bout me being crazy.

Subjects to be tested on in d finals:
Human factors - well as long as i remember d key terms i can talk my way outta it right?
Sensors and actuators - no prob as long as i follow d rule "Monkey see Monkey do" as shown by Manas yg Ganas... I think..
Machine dynamics - Get d tips right and do the tutes. Not too hard i hope :P
Circuits and electronics analysis - Think i've done my fair share of practice so shouldn't be quite a problem.

Well wish me luck. If i manage to pass with flying colours and get some extra cash, I'll treat ya to a meal :)

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|e.v.e Believes no more| said...

meal?????????big mac thankx=)