Sunday, May 18, 2008

Food and tea in the Spring

Ok this is a page from the menu of Food and Tea in the Spring. Take a look at d fancy names of d drinks and imagine what a typical conversation would be like??? Well inspired by Mike's initial imaginary conversation with d waitress, this is what it might sound like in Mandarin.

Somebody :Xiao jie ke yi gei wo lang man qing huai(name of the green drink) mar???

Waitress : Ke yi. Wo hai ke yi gei ni re qing de wu ye (name of the orange drink in the top) ru guo ni neng gei wo tian tang zhi niao (name of the third drink in the top)... ;)

Somebody :Mei wen ti... Ni gei wo re qing de wu ye wo ke yi ba ta bian cheng huang jing sui yue(name of the mango drink). Zai na huang jing sui yue li wo ke yi ba ni dai dao shi wai tao yuan(Kiwi juice) ar qing chun xiao li (name of that final drink on the menu).


cynthia said...

lazyy pigggg.. type chinese ba.. XD

Idada said...


I didn't know perviness can be so farney