Saturday, September 8, 2007

Quotable quotes???

Another Friday night and i've nothing better to do so I'm listing down some of d quotes that i like. Some are my own creation while others are those which I've read about or heard from my friends.

  • Talk cock, sing song play ping pong. ( got this one from Siang Shen)
  • Beauty is skin deep but ugliness goes right through the bones :D
  • KFC whoresome meals - guaranteed to make ya feel like a whore
  • Try pronouncing P.H.O.N.E. Now try P.H.U.C.K !!!
  • Idiots are plain stupid.
  • Half of a glass is filled with water. Optimists call it half full. Pessimists call it half empty. Engineers call it a waste of space as the container is twice d size needed !!!
  • An apple a day keeps the doctor away. A durian a day keeps everyone away from you.
  • Hi miss, i've lost my number. Can i have yours?
  • That asshole is an ace whore.
  • Honeymoon years in studies are for real. You wake up totally exhausted the next day


water_angel said...

You tried to make me say number 4 -_-"

sik_bunny said...

what defines a dark and twisted side or in other terms whos too say whats dark and twisted?

Arrancar said...

There's no one to define what's too dark or twisted. In my case, it is just another identity of mine which I don't show to those who know me.