Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Strange encounter of the third kind (Not another ah gua joke)

Earlier this morning woke up to a pretty bad day. Had sore throat and definitely not enough sleep. Din even bother to style my hair and i pulled a cap on. Mum even turn off d power to my computer system and i'd argued with her... It's NEVER a good way to start a day with a quarrel... :(

Oh well dat wasn't as bad as what i'd experienced or at least THOUGHT i experienced. Usually in the early mornings, i ain't fully awake so i'd usually catch a nap in d lobby. However today i was feeling especially tired and sleeping while sitting up ain't exactly gonna help so i went to search for a room in level 6 to nap in. Around 8, Mdm. Christina appeared and chased me away. Apparently she has some kinda interview going on for her students. So d only empty classrooms left are the ones on d 8th floor. Dragging my sleepy feet, i made my way up to d 8th floor which was practically empty with no sign of life at that moment - a nice place to sleep with no worries of anyone disturbing me :)

How wrong i was. Went into a room and napped in a corner. Couldn't really fall asleep so i took a look at d construction going on outside and da eventually bored me to sleep. In d midst of my sleep, i thought i felt d presence of two other people. I thought I might have overslept and some people are gonna use the class for their tutes or lecture. I tried waking up but suddenly i felt a sense of hostility. Strange as it may sound, it seemed like those two people were not quite friendly. I thought one of em asked his friend "Is he dead?" while the other was checking me out. I tried to move but i couldn't. It's like a case whereby i felt like i was frozen on d spot. I was kinda afraid and so i quickly chanted a few times of Amitabha in my heart. After the chanting, i was actually able to get up and have a good look at my surroundings. Strangely I was the only one in d room. There were no 2 other person in the room. Instead of freaking out and running away i actually sat there wondering if it was o just a dream for a while. Guess it might really have been an encounter of the third kind and these kinds are usually more frightening than the ah guas...

C anything strange with these seats??? This was where i was napping...

After it o, I actually msged my fren and asked him to come uni so v could go to the same room to take a pic or two for this blog :P The next moment i stepped into the room i did feel kinda nausea. No idea y, but after taking a pic or two i quickly left with my friend. Sleepy as i may be i don't think i'd be taking my naps there lest i really end up resting in peace.

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