Monday, September 3, 2007

My house steamboat buffet

My house steamboat - nope it ain't at my place. The restaurant itself is called "My house". No idea y they have such a name but most probably they want their customers to feel at home over there. First heard of it when i was living in d hostel but never really got d chance to visit it. First visit was last year.

Yes i know i did two articles bout food. I'm getting fat from o this eating - so sue me... Strange things oways happen to me and they do often happen in d darnest way possible. Like i've said earlier, when i wanted to go there to try out the food, the chance eluded me.

On merdeka day, my fren invited me to go over for dinner and i went with him since there was nothing better to do. Ate a lot of weird stuff... Oh yeah - the satay there is a definite must. So are the chicken and mutton kebabs! Had bout 40 to 50 sticks of those things. Add in more fish meat in d asam soup, that's more than enough to last for a few days.

And come Saturday when my bro comes to kch. Suddenly my dad has a brilliant idea for dinner - my house steamboat. WTH? I was like... shyt... two nights in a row at d same place. What's more, it's an all u can eat buffet dinner... On d second night it was definitely all i can't eat... :(

Growing fat these days... haiz... I'll try to work off d fat... Wish me luck !!!