Friday, August 31, 2007

Ala kiev = D 1 ( k ??? WTF???

Now tell me what this pic reminds u of ? If yr answer is D 1 ( k , i guess v do think alike then. This was what i had for dinner last Saturday. No I ain't gay. Come on it cost RM 13 ++ and for an unemployed student, that's considered quite a bomb. It was a dish in a restaurant in kch which goes by d name of Gajah (in english anyway. Dun wanna get sued for defamation).

Bout the restaurant, it ain't really a bad one. Nice environment with d correct ambiance. D only thing dat went wrong was d waiters and waitresses. My frens and i have sat there for bout more than 10 minutes yet none of em came over to take our orders. It was only after a whistle from my fren did the waitress came over. Now the menu din really have any pics to give the customers a good idea of the dishes they are about to order. At first i only wanted sth light so i ordered a blueberry sundae ( and it turned out to be really delicious... no worries it does not resemble t ! t 5). After seeing my frens ordered some heavy duty dinner though they just mentioned that they wanted to go for a snack earlier on, i decided to order a dish 2. Browsed through d menu and a description of a meal caught my eye. Tender chicken meat rolls stuffed with cheese and pepper. Fried to crisp. Served with coleslaw and FRENCH FRIES!!! Sounds tasty. D name of this dish? - Ala Kiev.

15 minutes later, the food came. My friends were served by the waitresses. As for me? D gay-looking chef (if my memory serves me right anyway) served this dish with a grin on his face. I dunno if it was a practical joke but the cheese had to flow outta d tip of d chicken roll. To make things worse, the colour of the cheese looks like some oh well u know what i wanna say... The image dat hit me when my dish was served - TADAa!!!

To eat or not to eat? That is the question. After considering the price i had to pay for this dish, i poured ketchup on it and just sliced it beyond recognition and stuffed it down my throat. Sigh... Even dat sounded so wrong... Oh well... That was my dinner for last Sat. For those of u bout to have yr meal... Bon appetit !!!