Thursday, August 2, 2007

Crowd Control Please...

Wii for sale??? iPhone's launching??? PS3 reaching the shores of Sarawak??? Nope... Merely a crowd frenzy on Swinburne's registration day. Heck... The tuition fees for one sem is more than any of those listed gadgets. Had i not known any earlier i would have thought that most of the people actually camped in the campus just to get in line for the registration.

It's been a few years but the damn enrollment system in Swinburne is still as bad or even worse than before. In the past years it took me no longer than an hour to register but now, it took me THREE BLOODY HOURS!!! ARGH!!!

This is how the story goes:

Some hot chicks or cicadas as my friends put it are not mere bimbos as how most people perceive em to be. As manipulative as they are, they know how to use their God-given assets well. When most people are queuing in line to get a number, they'd just sit there waiting for a miracle. And when the miracle don't come, the charm of a damsel in distress oways manage to do the trick. "Excuse me, will ya let me pass?" and so forth... Well it is bad enough idiots like me allow it to happen. Worse still, the staff who are suppose to be the ones responsible for crowd control condone it. They also allow these people to have it their way and cut queues and register.

Well, no offence meant but a lot of hostility intended - This staff in the line i was queuing seems to be thinking with his dickhead than with his head. When the gals so blatantly cut d queue and wanna register he gave such a goofy grin which made me wanna wipe it right outta his puny face. Once i've reached d counter did i realise y he took so long to process d enrollment of the gals. There on his tag - Name: Valentine. Damn.. No way am i gonna name any of my kids with a casanova name lest he turns out to be a total dickhead who thinks with his crotch than his brain.

As for the enrollment system, here are my humble suggestions:

1) Separate Engineering, Business and Multimedia into different floors. Business can be done in the ground floor auditorium, the Engineering ones can be done at the lecture hall on 8th floor while the multimedia ones can register on the 9th floor.

2) Stick to the numbering system and ENFORCE it!!! Eh... Don't let people jump queue just because they are leng loi lar... Not like dat act alone is gonna get u in bed wit any of them.

3) Employ more efficient staff. Efficiency is really an issue when you're handling a student population of around 900.

Above are my displeasure and suggestions for the CCB enrollment system.

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