Sunday, July 29, 2007

Can it get any worse?? :P

Disappointment... Who doesn't have em? If you don't you're either over optimistic or you're nuts. When the situations are bad enough, most people tend to ask themselves or even God - "Will it get any worse?". Don't be a fool. It always does so there is no point asking when there s already an obvious answer.

The following are the unfortunate events which happened to me in four consecutive days up till today:


Bad - Thought i had slowly regained part of my composure during debate but apparently i did not. Was against a team which i personally deemed weak and did not really bother to rebutt their arguments. Who knew? It was a valid argument according to the adjudicators and I've made a record by having my uni's team to not even get into the finals. (First time ever in Swinburne Sarawak's history the debate team didn't make it to the finals :( )

Worse - After the loss, at least managed to get to know one of the pretty ushers in INTI and added her. Sounds good right? Nope... After adding, i rushed out to meet my friends and forgot to sign out. When i was out, i received a msg from her. Well with late reply which was a bit far fetched, can't help but think I've been blocked :(


Bad - Couldn't wait to watch transformers so i went to the movies. Thought i might get some company so i asked a girl out. Never got any reply. Watched the movie alone. At least it was worth the watch. A definite turn on for a robotics and mechatronics student as it was all bout robots and the lead actress was a hot chick.

Worse - After the movie, i decided to head over to my mum's office and go home together. And the big dude up the sky just loves to play such jokes on me. It was raining heavily and i couldn't head to anywhere to have my belated lunch or even to my mum's office. And things just get worse. My phone ran low on battery, my parent's phone was not on. Had to walk all the way to McDonalds in the rain :'(


Bad - Overslept once again. By the time i woke up it was very very late. Even had a bloody headache and running nose. Good thing dad bought lunch but the bad thing is the portion is so little i was hardly full -.-"

Worse - Went to have dinner at the Satay House and it was raining heavily. A few chicks to look at. Seems pretty good huh? Nope. On the right side, there was a hot chick. On the left, there is a worker there who is a muscular a gua. I swear her arms are even larger than mine. Worse thing, "she" was the one serving us. Looks like a gorilla and sounds like one too. Oh yeah, the hot chick left the restaurant just after a while :(


Bad - Went to have my engine course today. A way belated one. The reason? - a story for some other time. Anyway, was wondering if there would be any hot chicks following the instructors car. Apparently, there was none. A filipino and another middle aged lady with a disturbed looking kid.

Worse - As if no leng loi to see was not bad enough, the two ladies had to use perfume. I mean come on, it's a law course/engine course - and the smell won't get you anymore attractive. Actually it was more of an odour than aroma. The two ladies used two different perfume with very strong ODOUR. The mixed up smell was so pungent i was practically holding my breath all the way to the driving institute. The worst of all, the driving institute was VERY VERY VERY FAR away. What an unforgettable trip. :(

So kids, never ever be that stupid to ever ask if things will ever get worse. It is an ABSOLUTE YES whether or not you ask.

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