Wednesday, December 26, 2007

First day in Thailand

Ok... First time ever i set foot on Thailand soil. Apparently their time is 1 hour later so by going to Thailand, I've earned another hour :D YES!!!

The host for this year's Worlds Debating Championship is Assumption University. N OMFG !!! Their u is so kick ass. The drive from the gate to the main campus takes bout 15 minutes. The architecture here is so heavily influenced by the Missionaries though Thailand is suppose to be a Buddhist country... There are statues of angels and even a Statue of Pope John Paul II in front of the campus museum. It's hard to imagine sth like this in a CUNTry like Malaysia. Sigh...

Their hostel are oso quite nice. As good as a standard 3 star hotel i think :D. Sadly first day dun have any luck with the chicks. :( Hopefully tomolo would be a better day !!!

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water_angel said...

They have net connection at Thailand? WOW! thought you won't update til you get back =p Anyways, good luck for your comp! ^^