Monday, December 3, 2007

Holidays !!!

Yeah! It's that time of the year again. The long awaited 3 months long summer holidays!! Ok there is no summer in Malaysia but since my Uni is a branch campus from Aus it just works dat way :P Ok... I admit. After my last paper which i screwed up badly, I wasn't in much of a holiday mood. As time passes by, my mood slowly picks up.

Haha... Some holiday targets to be met this time round:
1) Acquire solid works skills. Seems to be some skill that is quite favourable among employers of engineers. Oh yeah... 3D drawings sure make ppl go goo go gaa gaa...

2) Keep fit. I'm getting fatter these days. Can feel it as my jeans are getting tighter. Not really aiming for some 6 abs or even arms like tree trunks. Just wanna trim down the waist line.

3) Gonna try and be the opposite of my current personality some time, somewhere where no one knows who I am :D Should be fun.

4) Update this blog more often as this seems to be a dying blog. Well no idea if it has ever lived but definitely on d brink of death it seems.

Oh stupiak rain... Y wouldn't u stop??? If u do i can start to go jogging... If d rain doesn't stop maybe i'll start skipping rope.

That's o folks! Gonna have my hair cut soon. Maybe i'll post some pics later with a new hair cut. Cam manwhoring :P

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|e.v.e Believes no more| said...

happy holiday nic!!!!!!btw u just got tagged!see my blog