Friday, September 12, 2008

Will Justice Prevail???

In a Holy Month when an unholy deed is done, I wonder if justice will be dispensed. It is indeed a sad day for most who share the same sentiment when the prominent blogger RPK has been arrested. Well "rumours" which he spread tend to prove themselves in time and he is being arrested for such "rumours" whereas the other mad dogs who instigate hatred are let loose on the streets.

At times I do wonder if there is real justice. When those whom we entrust our future bring back our ghosts of the past, those whom we trust to protect us turn their backs on us, and those whom we trust to unite actually divide, I wonder if there is any hope left. Maybe, just maybe... In this Holy Month, a miracle may happen. A miracle happening granted the people want it badly enough, granted cause too much atrocity has been done and granted cause even the Almighty Himself feels that divine intervention is needed. And granted, this miracle is justice...

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