Friday, September 19, 2008

Animals with Illnesses

It is kinda sad that most people are concerned about fellow humans but not about the animals. Here are some instances of animals with diseases that greatly requires our attention.

Polar bears
From my observations, polar bears suffer from a genetic albinism. I've never noticed one with any darker shades.

These adorable national icons are suffering from serious insomnia. Notice those dark circles around their eyes.


These creatures which are synonymous with the desert have tumour growth on their backs making em look like the hunchback of Notre Dame.

Puffer Fish
These poor fishes are suffering from serious gassy abdominals. Wonder if anyone plans to rear one of these in a tank of ENO.

Blue Whale
These poor mammals are suffering from a serious case of gigantism. They are so huge they fell into the deep ocean and never surfaced.

kk... Enough bullshit from me. Check out this link . If you think enough has been said and more needs to be done, please spread the word around. Thanks.

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