Sunday, July 20, 2008

Nick Can Cook

Haha!!! Bet ya all didn't know that Nick can cook. Well I ain't lying. These are pics of me cooking spagetthi :D

First of all, get all the cooking utensils needed. 2 pots are needed.

Then, take out the ingredients for the sauce. Some meatballs, some mushroom and Prego tomato sauce.

Boil three quarters of water in the pot. Once the water is boiling, add in one to 2 tablespoons of salt. This is to prevent the spagetthi from sticking.

Spagetthi in boiling water. HaHA!!! Try slipping yrself outta this situation u slippery spagetthi!!!

Do remember to stir the spagetthi in boiling water. This is done to cook the spagetthi evenly.

Now to the gravy. First, add a bit of oil into the pot. Heat it up. Then add in the meat balls. Stire fry the meatballs. Once u can smell the aroma, pour in half a bottle of the Prego tomato sauce. Cook it in slow fire. After a while once the meatballs are cooked, pour in the mushrooms. Cook for a few more minutes and your gravy is ready to go :D

Once the gravy is cooked, serve it in a bowl.

Now, warm up the spagetthi and take it outta the pot. Hot and fresh and ready to be served :)

Pour the tomato gravy onto the spagetthi and u get yrself a plate of mouth watering spagetthi. Ok I admit. It does look disgusting but it doesn't taste half as bad as it looks.

So if Nick can cook, so can you. Sorry Yan. Don't sue me.

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VanessaJezamine said...

Tempting....Maybe next time u can do everything from scratch....