Sunday, July 20, 2008


Been busy after I came back from my Bintulu trip and didn't have much time to blog. Well since today is a Sunday and it is such a wonderful day, I shall blog about my trip :D

No idea what that is. Might be Pei Chee or Si Yang playing with my phone.

One of my best friends Pei Chee playing his.... phone. Seriously... Look at the sweet couple's pic on his desk :D I slept with him during my stay in Miri.

Two pics of Si Yang's cute housemate in Miri. This bitch is called Sasha. Cute bitch er? Worth RM 600 ++ i heard.
Si Yang gaming intensely. What game was he playing? Why don't you ask him? Slept with him while i was in Bintulu :P

Tasty chicken chop in Palm Gardens.

Bridal shows in Park Mall. Cindy dragged me to see it. Was suppose to go for a movie but ended up watching bridal show instead. -.-"
Pic taken with Cindy in Ezy Plus... Damn... I look so wrong...and ugly... T.T

The menu in Ezy Plus. Hmm... I'll have number 19 please...

Si Yang trying out photo taking skills by capturing a pic of his phone.

At the airport... On d way home to Kuching from Bintulu :'( sad sad sad... Baby i dun wanna say good bye... I dun want u to c me cry...
Back in Kuching. Ran into Mei Mei, an old friend in Bintulu airport. Only took a pic with her in Kuching airport. She was with her mum to bring her brother's stuff to him. He's now a doctor... Woots..

And the pics and sentences sum up my trip to Miri then to Bintulu and finally back to Kuching.

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