Friday, April 3, 2009

Kindness tag

After reading Reader's Digest's article the other day about kindness, I was really touched. An idea sparked and I decided to create this kindness tag. :) If most of you can actually spare some time to do tags, why not spare a thought for others? They might not be less fortunate than you to receive your kindness.

Kindness can be shown in many ways. You need not go all out of your daily routine to do it like giving pity sex to some people you think will never get it. All that is required would just be trivial things like holding the door open for d person behind you, spare the beggar some change when you pass by one, or even helping out your mum with the housework (charity starts at home).

So if you are tagged, just do a kind deed when opportunity presents itself to you. Within the week you are tagged, try to be nice and at the end of the week, just post it in your blog and pass this tag on :) You don't even need to post the deeds that you have done. You merely post a status on whether you have shown kindness.

Kindness for the week: Shown :)

You!!! Yes. If you are reading this, you are tagged :D


ThiaThia said...

wad kind of tag is tis? macam mana boleh buat :s

+u!W said...

blur blur ><'''

choulyin.tan said... I should just go around showing kindness to everyone?? lol...aren't I already kind?? :D

Arrancar said...

Haha... simple aja. Just go and show kindness whenever u can for this week :D Go donate/help at the welfare centre. Salvation army in Kch, Pepikat in Btu... Can even go help ah mu cross d road if u see one :D

Arrancar said...

Oh yeah... So a week from now, just need to post whether u have shown kindness this week and post the tag on your blog :D

+u!W said...

if i put d $$ in d donation box
include oso?

Arrancar said...

Sure it does :D As long as it helps someone but kindness need not be about donating money all the time. :P

ThiaThia said...

tis is stupid tag. hahaha .. kindness? hmm... HAPPY BIRTHDAY :p

LSY_J said...

As for me....i'll be fasting one meal for this week onwards..