Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Happy Birthday...

Happy Birthday to you. It is alright to celebrate your birthday alone. You have been doing it all these days :D It is not something new. It is just that old friend of yours called loneliness. You were asked how you would wanna celebrate but you couldn't even think of a reason for celebration. It is alright. No reason is needed to celebrate. Since you remember it, might as well celebrate it :D What is your wish? Will it be granted? I think so as long as you don't get greedy :D

So happy birthday to you, Nick. Your split personality is here wishing you happy birthday. You still have me :D
Cheer up !!!


+u!W said...

ur b'day 2day??

* ĥåþργ ßĩ®ŧħĐαУ Ŧө Ϋσϋ *

Arrancar said...

Thanks mint :)