Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Story of MalaiseSial

This is a post bout a fictional country in a far far away land called MalaiseSial. For any clowns offended by this post I apologize. MalaiseSial was a clown paradise. It was abundant with natural resources. One of its main exports was its black platinum. It was a magical mineral used to power up all their clown mobiles.

MalaiseSial was a country run by clowns. They run a big monkey show everyday and every once in a while they would meet up in d leaking circus tent and make even bigger fools outta themselves. The biggest clown of em all was Bodohwi or Phak Lah as some may call him. It is a wonder how he got to rule over the other clowns.

One day, MalaiseSial was hit by a crisis. The realms' black platinum was greatly in demand and prices soared. At such times, Bodohwi made a gr8 decision. There will be a price hike as the Clown Elders were no longer able to sustain the subsidies for it. The other poor clowns were greatly affected by this measure. Now it will cost them 2.70 Rupee MalaiseSial just to get a kilogramme of the black platinum. The cost saved was supposedly used to improve the circus caravans but not much improvements were seen after the previous rise in prices of black platinum.

Seeing the dissatisfaction among the poor clowns, Phak Lah decided to lead by example. He decided that all the Clown Elders' entertainment fees will be slashed by 10%. It would save the realm 2 billion Rupee MalaiseSial. Funny thing is the subsidies were slashed as it costed em about 17 billion Rupee MalaiseSial. Hmm.. So cutting 100% of their entertainment would save d country 20 billion Rupee MalaiseSial ??? Wow... Extra 3 billion Rupee MalaiseSial saved by getting rid of those buffoons!!!

As such the other clowns of the realms realised this and held a petition to have the Elder Clowns of Buffoon Narcissists removed and have em replaced by the Clown's Alliance. When Phak Lah knew this, he escaped on his Jumbo while his Deputy went insane and escaped from the country in his Sohai Jets :) Till today rumours have it that anyone hearing a little C4 knocking at your door will be blown to bits by the Sohai Jet.

So the moral of this fairy tale or loony tale is - do not show your stupidity. It takes some effort to be stupid but it takes no effort to hide it :D

P.S : Google how to pronounce Malaise :P

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