Sunday, December 4, 2011

Human Nature

It has been a while since I last blogged. It's a wonderful experience to be able to move to a new place and experience the different cultures in a country. I'm thankful that most of the people I've met so far over here are friendly though I've a few unfortunate encounters. Sadly an event happened today prompted me to blog again. It's really given me a new perspective on the two sides of human nature - beauty and ugliness.

I was waiting for the bus when I saw a lady on a motorized vehicle for the elderly. I was curious as she looked young. The first thought that popped up was - maybe it's a hot day to walk so she decided to use that vehicle. As she got closer, I had a better look. Her right arm was obviously suffering from muscle atrophy. Probably her legs are suffering from it too so she needed to use the motorized vehicle. What touched me as a beautiful thing about the human nature is the love of her father. An elderly gentleman, he accompanied her all the way to the bus stop and only got off the bus once his daughter was on it. He even thanked the passengers for putting up with the delay caused by his daughter boarding the bus on her motorized vehicle. The lady's inner strength also shone through. Despite the inconvenience, she still took the trip on her own. One can see how she wants to be independent.

The ugliness of the human nature reared its head not long after the bus took off. A man who appeared to be drunk started to hurl insults at the lady and the teenagers started to laugh. The lady did look at them but said nothing. I feel I embody the other kind of ugly human nature as I just sat there and did not speak up in her defence as I did not want to stir up any trouble. I got off the bus once it reached the train station but the drunk man and the lady was still on it. I am not sure if the insults continued or if the bus driver did something to stop it.

Thinking back - should I have spoken up or should I have done what I did? There are just two sides to human nature - beauty and ugliness...

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