Thursday, December 31, 2009

Looking back 2009...

Looking back, 2009 has been a roller coaster ride for me. There were indeed a lot of ups and downs for me in the year 2009 - the emotionally unstable period in early 2009 due to the passing of my grandmother and a break up, the eventual success I had in finding part time jobs and also my studies to the depressing realization that my FYP is not gonna be finished on time and to find my new love :D during the second sem when I thought that all hope was lost :P

And today is New Year's Eve. To think that so much has happened in just a year, it is really hard to put my thoughts into perspective. Anyway, even today has a twist of its own as if to show me that my life in 2009 is to be full of dramas. If you noticed the pinkish patch on Sonia's cheek, it is just a symptom of her not drinking enough water and not a case of Rihanna and Chris Brown. With her parents coming over, it is really suspicious that she insists on putting on sunglasses to cover it up. The more she insists on doing it, the more it looks like a cover up of abusive boyfriend beats the crap outta girlfriend and girlfriend hiding it from parents -.-"

Well not sure how 2010 will turn out as it'll be a year I'll be finding my first job and a lot more uncertainties await me but I hope I'll manage to sail over it as smoothly as I had handled 2009 :D A better year awaits!!! Happy 2010 everyone!!!


+u!W said...

hey u gt ur love dy!
no need huat teach u dy..haha
happy new year!

Arrancar said...