Saturday, January 19, 2008

Black and white night

Well just got the pics from my fren for d Black & White night at the worlds. Been a bit too lazy to blog lately. Holidays... Can't blame me.
The five outta eight from Swinburne. (From left to right) Kevin (Sarcastic boy), Alex (The conniving cheat aka banker), Buharri (The future president of Nigeria who is gonna award me oil blocks),Wee Chung (Ice cream boy??? ) and me.

Sigh... I look like a total dork in this pic. The gal beside me is Jee Heung from Korea. She does look like one of those actress in d korean dramas in real life huh? Maybe she looks too pretty that's why i look ugly standing beside her.
I think i look better in this pic hehehe... And the pretty lady is Rose from China. The song dat came to my mind "Mei gui mei gui wo ai ni..." LOL

Well been a great Black and White night. Free flow of alcohol, gr8 food and good music. They really have some kick ass vocalist singing and the dance floor was crowded. It'd be gr8 if the prom night 2008 could be sth like dat. Well i guess dat's o for today!!! Ciaoz

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